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  1. Happy Birthday Torqey!

  2. No, I have not bypassed the side stand switch. Will do. This could have been the problem through the whoops. It never happened again though after draining the carb. Was not aware of this tip. Thanks.
  3. I recently purchased a 2003 DR Z400S. After riding some trails and log roads for an hour I found an area where other bikes and quads apparently travel a lot and there was a series of whoops that I found were fun to ride thru a bit faster. The first time I went across them at any speed I felt like I was backing off and on the gas. After several runs I realized the engine was surging. I was later running at some speed down hill and found the same surging was there. Being a ways from home, I thought I might not make it back. A friend who was riding with me suggested I try to drain some gas out of the carb. Initially I though that could not be the problem, but it was easy to do and try. When I loosened the screw on the carb bowl, I noticed some bubbles and what appeared to be water in the gas streaming out of the carb. It cleared up after I drained a few ounces. After I got started again I did not notice any surging and even tried to make it happen again. I could not notice any surging at all, and the bike ran fine the rest of the afternoon ride. Thought I might pass this on to save others a bad day and possible repair dollars that are not necessary should they have a similar experience.
  4. Torqey

    stupid crank bolt Question

    I do most of my own mechanic work .....no ?
  5. Torqey

    stupid crank bolt Question

    Just purchased 2003 DR-Z400S. Is this the Primary Nut that comes loose on many DRZs? (saw a lot of notes on this) Is it a lot of trouble getting the side covers off? I do most of my own mechanic work?