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  1. rocket477

    cdi box swap

    Hello, has anybody done any cdi box swaps between different year yzf's. I know that sometimes on a few 2 smokes that a new year bike will come out and if you install the cdi box on the older bike it will improve the performance. So lets say if you install a 05 or 06 cdi box on a 02, because that's what my son rides, will you get any performace improvements, or will it even fit at all. Will a box from a 450 work on the 250 to improve the performance?
  2. rocket477

    question on valves & head rebuilding

    Hello, why dont you leak check the valves to see if the seats need to be worked over. You can apply a vacume to the back side of the valves through the intake and exhaust ports. The easier way is to spray some liquid into the haed and see if the liquid leakes past the valves your seats need to be reworked. If there is no leak, reshim the valves and get going. Hope this helpes.
  3. rocket477

    Hard Starting My 02' 250F...Why?

    Hey, now dont everybody yell at me but my son's 02 would not start the first time without a ton of fuel. He need to turn the throtle at least 10 times, and if it wont go then he will give it a few more pumps. Give it a try, it wont hurt any more than anything else you have tried. Hope it work for you.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm looking at buying my 15 year old son a 250f. What I would like to know is there huge difference in the 02 to the 03. All things being equal on both bikes. They both have fresh top ends. What if any advantage is there in the 03. We will race this bike, as a 80 rider he would place in the 10 to 15 range, we're not looking to set the world on fire with this bike. Just looking for a good solid ride to have lots of fun on. Any helpful tips in any way would be great.