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  1. I have a 2006 Honda TRX 450ER. I was taking the gast tank off to do a valve adjustment and the 2 bolts that mount the side plastics to the tank were frozen. I ground the heads off the bolts and now have the plastics off. My problem is the square nuts are still in the tank with the destroyed bolts in it. The nuts do not want to just pull out of the tank and i am afraid of damaging the tank. Any ideas how those nuts are held into the tank? Anyone else run into this issue and how did you fix it. Thanks
  2. Bungerjoe

    Which GPS?

    I have a 2006 TRX450ER Honda quad. Any idea on mounting a GPS on one of these and is one better than the other for the particular bike I have? Also i read that there is a bouncing/vibration problem with batteries in some GPS so it is recommended to wire it to the bike if possible. Can this be done on my quad? Joe