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  1. contilon

    Dizziness, Light Headed Feeling..

    I get dizzy when I'm a little dehydrated. I try to drink plenty of water every day, espesially when riding. I couldn't ride without a camelback.
  2. contilon

    Replacing the spark plug cable TE510

    If memory serves, you simply push the wire end into the coil. There should be a sharp nail-like spike in the coil that will engage with the new wire core, when you press it in. Hope that helps. That's how it worked on my TE 450 3 years ago..... still going strong
  3. contilon

    2006 TE450 Clutch replacement

    Thanks Paul for a thoughtful answer. I may have not done a clutch before, but I am mechanically inclined and have done much of my own work. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have a lot of machining experience, whick I may need to swap the gear on the back of the basket if necessary.
  4. I tried a search and didn't come up with much. My TE has 3,600 miles on it and the clutch started getting rough when letting the lever out and I noticed that it is overheating much quicker than normal. My guess is that it slipping. I have never replaced on before, but would like to. This is now my spare bike. I can't bring my self to sell it. Do I buy a new clutch cover gasket, friction plate and steel discs from the dealer? Then basically just take everything apart and reassemble per the manual? Are the baskets usually OK? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Conte
  5. contilon

    te 450 dies on deceleration ?

    My 2006 TE450 was doing something similar and it turned out to be a dying stator. It just didn't die immediatelt it was intermittant. Conte
  6. contilon

    2006 TE450 Electrical Issues

    Battery is definately going to be step 1.
  7. Hi guys, I just had a new stator put in at the dealer. My bike started running great again. Now this weekend, the battery is dead and the instrument cluster wont stay on and the headlight just barely glows. I hooked up a battery charger to aid the battery and the problem stayed. I cleaned up any terminals that I could get my hands on and still no change. I'm going to get a new battery, but I don't think that it is my problem. While riding some times the horn would work and some times nothing. Am I looking at a rectifier or ?????????????? BTW. Kicking these beasts over all day SUX. Thanks, Conte
  8. contilon

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Thanks. I might sound silly, but the Berg matches up very nice with my '03 TM 300 2 stroke. Blue with 19" rear rims. At least when I buy tires or attire, it will work out nice. I wouldn't be surprised to be back on a Husky in the future. Hell, if I don't get a decent price for my TE450 and my wife doesn't kill me, maybe I'll keep it.
  9. contilon

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Well, I think I'm going with the FX. With lights, fan, tank heat shield and header wrap. $6,700 OTD. I know that I can get the 449 for approx. the same, but I think it's time to find out what it's like to have a good dealer alose by. Thank you all.
  10. contilon

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Thanks Ride. I was hoping that you would chime in. I've read tons of your posts on both sites. I appreciate your posts, help and products. You've been a help many times. I have coverted 3 buddy's to run MotoZtires.
  11. contilon

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Wow... Sme great advise. I ride in the mountains of western Maine. There a lot of rocks, roots and nasty hill climbs. More traction, which I believe both bike will have sounds great. I'm happy with the tranny in my '06 TE450 and assumed the TE449 would be similar. I figured the TXC would be the same as well. I need to plate what ever choice I make. I was told by the Husa dealer that it sn't a problem in Mass. where I live, but the TE's are a no brainer. The prices are great on either. One other thing is that the looks of the new TE's are slowly growing on me. The 2012's graphics look soooo much better. The Husas are great looking. I'm more into the performance than looks though. Maybe I can get some 2012 plastic later to update the Husky. As far as the exhaust goes, I'm already planning on getting the FMF muffler and JD module. Also, I don't see any TXCs around here.
  12. contilon

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    HuskyRips, Any specific reasons?
  13. Well, I'm coming to the finish line of which bike to pick. The price is the same after I add lighting to the FX450. The Husa dealer is convenient and the Husky is over an hour in the wrong direction. I love Husky, but the Husa FX has the close ratio tranny as well. I'm a big fan of the ergos on my '06 TE450. I'm assuming the new Husky would fit my 6'1" body better, but I'm sure that risers would take care of that on the Husa. One question I have is "does the 2011 TE 449 have a radiator fan"? I know that I have to add one to the FX. Thanks in advance for this answer or any further advice. Conte
  14. contilon

    Help with new bike choice.

    Are the newer 450s lighter than my '06? On paper, they seem the same. How about the feel when riding?
  15. Hi guys. I figured that this is the best forum to help me decide on a new ride. I currently ride a 2006 TE450 that I bought new. I now have 3,400 miles on it and I'm thinking it's time for something new. I've had great luck with the bike and I'm confortable and fast over roots, rocks etc. However, nasty hill climbs have always killed me. I always wanted a lighter bike. When I get stuck going up hill, it sucks picking the bike up and getting restarted up hill. My closest Husky dealer is 3 1/2 hours from where I ride. I'm happy having something different, but would like to have a closer dealer, even though I do most of my own work. I have KTM, Husaberg and all Japanese dealers close to me. I recently bought a TM 300 2 stroke as a back up bike. I LOVE the light weight, but the ergos are so different from the Husky (high footpegs and cramped bars). I'm looking for a fuel injected, lighter weight (than '06 TE450), preferrable road legal bike that can haul my 6'1 (220lb) frame around with similar ergos to my current TE450. I've been considering the TE310 and KTM 350 XC. I like the closer ratio trannys. Ideas???? Thanks, Conte