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  1. markvfr

    Considering running the WR in the snow this winter

    I ride in the winter here in Alberta... which should start anyday now by the summer we've been having. Everyone out here runs the Trelleborgs/Mitas or a DIY solution which uses BestGrip studs. These studs are virtually the same as the Trelleborg ones except you install them yourself and can spin them out once the tire starts to wear and put them in a new tire. Thats the set up I run and no studs lost yet. But still pricey. Around $500 for a set with tires included but after that, just a new set of bare tires and swap the studs. Look them up on the web, made in Italy, also supply car rally tires etc.
  2. Hey, so did I!! $125 actually.
  3. markvfr

    2010 WR450 Pic?

    Yeah, thats my point, I highly doubt the WR will see it this year, even if the YZ450 does. Wait and see I guess. The 2010 lineup should be announced shortly.
  4. markvfr

    2010 WR450 Pic?

    Yep, looks like no FI for 2010 for our WRs if the YZs aren't getting it. Well that just Here is the whole article on the 2010 YZ250F http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/photos/2010models/2010-Yamaha-YZ250F.htm
  5. markvfr

    Bicycle trials

    Just a semantics correction. There is no such thing as a "clip-on pedals" but rather "clipless" pedals as in "not toe clip" as they used to be famous in the 80s. Like YZ said, it would be suicide to put clipless pedals on a trials bike. Shifting balance on the pedals is as important in bike trials as shifting weight on the pegs in moto trials. I do it all the time. Interestingly enough, the DH scene has switched from platforms back to clipless pedals which is kicking me in the b*lls. I'm having hard time railing the berms and corners without clipping out for a "dirt track" style turn. Damn evolution...
  6. markvfr

    Ever try trials on a normal bike?

    No, here is a climbing SUV for you...
  7. markvfr

    06-07 Ais Removal Kit Are They The Same

    Nope, not the same. Take it back and exchange for the 05-06 kit.
  8. markvfr

    Acerbis 3.3?

    Good points BajaFool. I'm making a decision today and I think I'll be going with the Clarke. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  9. markvfr

    Acerbis 3.3?

    Exactly. I also don't mind the look of it, and the fuel would be carried lower than either IMS or Clarke. And Bajafool, this thread illustrates why I'm thinking of going to Acerbis. You posted a rave review for Clarke, and the next poster had nothing good to say about it. Seems like a standard in all the IMS/Clarke threads. Who do you believe? I don't want to get new YZ shrouds for the IMS, especially since I picked up another set of WR shrouds already. And I don't want to get a lemon Clarke and be stuck in the middle of the desert in the middle of a race because of QC issues. When push comes to shove and no one has any feedback on the Acerbis, I might end up getting one of the other two as I won't be a guinea pig for Acerbis in a long distance desert race. Come on, no one has the Acerbis 3.3???
  10. markvfr

    Acerbis 3.3?

    There are heaps of posts on IMS vs Clarke gas tanks for the 07-09 WR450 but not much on the Acerbis 3.3. http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_70_182&products_id=347 Anyone got one? How does it fit with rad guards? Quality? Petcock issues? I need a larger tank pronto for the V2R coming up in a month. Thanks.
  11. markvfr

    Importing an 06 WR into the U.S.

    It would be going to Montana.
  12. Anyone got experience with this? I've read the import documents on the government site, but I'm still a little confused. I'm a Canadian resident but do have a property in the U.S. that I visit quite frequently. I'm trying to sell my 06 WR here at home, but the market is rather slow. So, I'm considering posting it for sale in the U.S. as well, but I'm not clear on the importation for resale if I'm not a U.S. resident. Any tips? Thanks.
  13. markvfr

    08 Sherco leaking fuel

    Sweet, thanks guys. I'll give the fatter virgin o-ring a try. To the hydraulic shop I go.
  14. markvfr

    08 Sherco leaking fuel

    I searched this forum and only found one thread applicable but without a solution. Sherco's have a prevailing issue of gas leaking from the petcock. It doesn't occur until you actually turn the gas off and then on. The dealer I bought it from says all Shercos do that and he doesn't have a solution. Apparently its due to the irregularity of the tank that prevents a solid seal between the tank and the petcock. Anyone have a solution for this problem? I was thinking of somehow fabricating a thicker rubber seal compensating for the tank irregularity?? Dunno, just thinking out loud. Anyone? Thanks.