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  1. jlbenne

    3x3 mod, jetting and an Exhaust?!

    Hi, First thing is first. Don't assume anything. you will have to verify. You really should look at the jets and try to identify the needle before you make any changes. Questions I have for you that might push you in the right direction are: 1) Did the previous owner say anything about rejetting or a kit, or is there a jet kit box that he provided you with when you took possession of the bike? 2) is the pilot screw plug removed? 3) were ther any stock parts that had been removed and he gave you with the bike? if both 1 & 2are "No", there is likely no jet kit installed. I'd be willing to bet that the jets are stock also. You will need to go with larger jets or get a kit, whichever you might choose. If 3 is yes it is more likely that the jetting is unchanged because if he gave you a box of parts but there are no jets or needles, you can bet he never changed them. The information of where you should be with RS2 and the 3x3 is all over the place but you need to know where you are right now before you can go the proper route. I wish you the best of luck, enjoy your DRZ
  2. jlbenne

    Inch Gearing?

    I'll add to what Rob H said. 150*.7= 105, and 140*.7= 98 so that means the percentage difference (in theory) is 7.1 percent. if you correspond that to speed, whatever RPM had you going 60 MPH before, now has you going 64.28 MPH. Actual profiles of the two tires may differ, and how much your rim squeezes the center out, wear on the tires, Pressure ect all make slight differences too, but without actual measurements, this is a s close as you'll get. Cheers
  3. jlbenne

    What Was Your First Ride?

    First bike was a semi-home made (by my Dad) minibike with a 5 hp briggs First bike witha model designation was a Kawasaki KZ200. It was a street bike but you wouldn't know it by the way I rode it. First Car: 1976 GMC Jimmy 2wd. again, made for the street but I begged to differ. Dream bike would probably be an electric start KTM 300 two stroke with a licence plate! Staying on the road is just boring to me.
  4. jlbenne

    Curious about your gas mileage

    I stated earlier that I get 50+ mpg but I like much better to say that I'm getting 80+ KMpg at least it is loads better than the 17 mpg that my truck gets. BTW, I love the cartoon that shows the man getting bent over by the gas pump. It hurts everytime i fill up whether it is the bike or the truck!
  5. jlbenne

    Curious about your gas mileage

    I get 50+ mpg. my bike is jetted pretty well with the 3x3 and e header with yosh slip-on. I run 15-41 gearing on s wheels for commuting. Every tank, I hit reserve between 100 and 110 miles and drop in two gallons whenever I get to a gas station. 2.25 gallons is the most ive ever squeezed in. That was after 120 miles.
  6. jlbenne

    SDG seat review

    I had the same problem with mine not wanting to slide into place and go forward enough. I pushed as hard as I could and still could not get it to go. I did not remove my tank tab though, I simply trimmed a little of the plastic from the seat pan in the area that the tank tab hits the seat and got it to where I could shove the seat forward enough to get the rear screws in. After it has been on there a while and taken on and off a half dozen times it has loosened to where it is a perfect fit, no wrinkles. I love the height of the seat, but it is quite firm. Even 2000 miles later, it is still very firm, the thing just barely breaks in. If I go for long road rides, I strap a gel pad on top and that helps alot. In the dirt where you want to be able to move when you want to move and stick when you want to stick, it is the best seat I have ever ridden on. best of luck with yours!
  7. jlbenne

    Warm up?

    Calef, It is definately time to take your carb apart and find out what is in there. I think your cold blooded bike is at least suffering from extremely lean pilot jetting, possibly clogged! You may be wrong everywhere. Go take the thing apart and let the folks here know what you find out. Also include what your intake looks like and what exhaust you have and people will straighten you out. Good luck!
  8. jlbenne

    Tire bead won't seat

    I sometimes put about 5 lbs pressure in the tire and lightly pry it out with a tire spoon. the pressure keeps the rest of the bead from popping back off. if that doesn't do it, smack the side wall with a hammer toward the tread. Use a dead blow hammer so it wont hurt if you accidentally bump the rim. Once the bead is out there, go to about 50 lbs and release. It will stay put after that.
  9. jlbenne

    Free stock tube

    I patch'em, my front dirt wheel has three on it. There are alot of thorns where I ride. I had a flat while riding and pulled four thorns from the tire. one patch covered two so the three patches covered everything. After I got back to civilization I bought a new tube but the one with patches doesn't leak even a pound over the winter so I'll leave it in until I get another flat and then put the new one in. Then I'll probably patch that hole and call it a spare. My buddies used to laugh at me for this but when one of them had a flat, he put the new tube in without pulling the thorn so it was either go find another new tube or let a patch save the day. They are semi-believers now.
  10. jlbenne

    Need some input for selling my bike.

    Look at Each mod and think about how long it takes to un-do it and see if that is worth what you can sell the aftermarket parts for. The stock parts are not worth much on their own and the bike is not worth appreciably more with the aftermarket stuff on. So, if it is worth it for your time to pull the parts and sell them, then do it. for instance, I (and many others I'm sure) would be interested in the Shock Spring, Footpegs, MCCT, and Skid Plate for the right price. let me know what you decide to do.
  11. I landed an e-header just over a year ago for $26.75 delivered from somewhere on e-bay.just keep looking, it will happen.
  12. jlbenne

    Wierd Sprocket wear!! Eddie!!!!!

    Does the inside of the sprocket look the same? Does the worn chain bow that way in both directions? looks to me like either your sprockets were out of alignment or your wheel was not straight and/or axle tight enough.
  13. jlbenne

    kyb fork springs suitable for drz400?

    I'm personally not sure but just measure O.D, I.D. and free length. if they all match, you win.
  14. jlbenne

    Chain adjustment on stand

    I'm thrilled to see you getting your kids involved with useful maintenance, my 4 year old just likes to sit on the seat and make riding noises. once in a while he "fixes" the wheels with a hammer too. I guess he was born a factory rider
  15. jlbenne

    rear sprocket help?

    I run a 51 tooth, it is tight and the chain guide is probably worn a little more than it should be, but it works.