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  1. Hey Bob! Nope he rides a KLX 140 for the dirt and and 150 supermoto. We got heavy into supermoto this past year but are getting back into the dirt to change things up a bit.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I believe we are camping at Penny Pines. We're with the VTR club. Zeak
  3. Other than the pee-wee area, is there much to offer the novice rider at Penny Pines/Middle Creek? I did some searching and it appears it's mostly "expert" trails. My son is 12 (he can handle blue trails) and our club is planning an outing there. Thanks
  4. I have an '06 WR 450 with all the modifications. Sometimes when cold starting, there is a loud backfire. Any idea what this is? Thanks
  5. I just started riding supermoto and the last couple of times on the track have experienced sort of a weird nausea. Anyone experience this, what could it be and how do I get rid of it??
  6. It's simple....."if it tastes good, spit it out!"......
  7. Got it, Thanks Sir!
  8. Just to verify: I just picked up an '06 and want to verify the locations for draining. Oil drain plug locations 1) Dip Stick 2) Oil Fill Cap 3) Drain Plug at bottom of frame tank 4) Small Plug at oil filter cover 5) Large plug in back of the crank case 6) Small Plug just behind shifter Is this correct? Any more plugs?? Thanks
  9. Thanks Face Plant
  10. Yep, the copper ones. I just picked up a '06 450 and want to have spares on hand. I haven't changed the oil yet. What to the smaller plugs have? Copper or O-Ring? Thanks
  11. Does anyone have the part numbers for the oil plug gaskets handy? Thanks
  12. Don't know if it was mentioned: Board games Deck of cards EZ-Up 12v string lights for the EZ-Up Extra propane bottle I keep a complete set of clothes in the camper so I only have to pack a few things.
  13. Engine noise. Do a search on it and there's a lot of info on possible causes. My bike is currently making a pinging/ringing sound under load with indicates piston slap. Maintenance make a huge difference in the longevity of the bike. Get into their maint. records if they kept them. I keep a log on all my bikes. Hope that helps.
  14. It's time for a new top end on my 06' (it's making expensive metallic noises ). Our mechanic is tearing it down today, but's 99% sure it's piston slap. What after market components have you used? Cylinder, piston, valves etc. Also, what's you opinion on after market vs OEM? Better, waste of money etc. I want to get the most bang for my buck. Thanks