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  1. I know this subject has been talked about many times. What's a good exhaust for street use? I'm going to upgrade my exhaust but would like some input from people who actually have any of the brands listed below. These are some I'm looking at: Staintune, XRs Only, White Bros or possibly other brands. I like the look of the Staintune but I use this bike mainly on road so I don't want to be getting pulled over all the time. I'm worried that the XRs Only maybe a little loud. The bike currently has either FMF or HMF Performance Series with the disc's on the end. I don't like the disc so I'm looking for something that exits out the rear and doesn't shoot the exhaust back at my leg like the current set-up does. I want a good sounding exhaust and a performance increase would be great too. Also I think the Stainless system of the Staintune would look good for many years. Thanks for any input.
  2. Just bought a bike (XR650L) and before I do much riding I'm going to change the oil and replace the oil filter. It has over 5000 miles on it and I'm unsure of the previous owners maintenance upkeep. Question 1) what grade of oil does this bike use? 10W40? 2) How much oil will I need to buy? I would guess 2 qts should cover it correct? 3) Bike seems to burn just a little bit of oil and after every ride my clothes smell like exhaust/oil. It has a HMF slip on with disc on the end. The darn thing shoots the exhaust right toward my leg which I'm sure is why I smell like oil/gas after riding. It's got a good seal at the clamp for the slip-on. Does anyone have this same problem? I am also on a new tank of gas thinking maybe the gas was tarnished and that's why the exhaust smell was so strong. New gas didn't help much. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. ZJ_77

    XR650L Aftermarket Exhaust Question

    One I'm actually looking at which I haven't found any info on this site yet is a pipe made by StainTune. They are made in Australian. The exhaust is stainless steel and you can get a complete system. Kind of pricey. I've located it at a local dealer for $595.00 for the complete stainless steel system.
  4. ZJ_77

    Advice wanted on buying a '93 XR650L

    Just joined the site today but thought I'd put in my $.02. I just purchased a '94 XR650L with 5,300 miles on it for $1500 US. The bike is perfect condition with new tires and battery. It has a K&N filter and FMF pipe. Not sure if it's jetted or not but it runs great! After doing some shopping, $2000-$3500 looks to be about average price for bikes 5-10 years old. I just happened to stumble across this great deal (at least I think it is) and it was locally owned so I was able to look at it and test drive unlike EBay or other used off the Internet.