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  1. A quick question to you out there who have a 400S and have installed the rs3 Yoshi pipe.... there is a thread about opening it up, leaving it at medium, etc. If I leave it open, the decibel is about 102... medium about 96. What is the biggest advantage in 'opening it up'? Just the extra 6 decibels or is their a perfomance improvement? Also, what is the correct terminology to use when making that decision? I plan to have the mod 3 done at the same time. The jet kit will be arriving with the pipe next week. I have been told this bike will no longer be the same bike once this has been done. Can't wait and thanks for some more information.
  2. Fuente

    Yoshi Full Exhaust Or Slip-Ons?

    TT Store is quoting me $445 for the complete exhaust system, $49 for the jetting kit, and they are recommending 'twin-air' air filter as opposed to a K&N because they said any off road riding will become an issue with a K&N. Feedback please? I'll buy the stuff from the store here, but I want a better price and they will match any advertised price. Please help if you can. Thanks.
  3. Fuente

    Yoshi Full Exhaust Or Slip-Ons?

    What about adding a new K & N Air filter? I have that priced at directparts.com at $48.90. And what would the mod 3x3 involve in purchasing? I will check the store here to see if I can get a good deal on the pipe and everything else.
  4. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a new exhaust system from Yoshi for a DRZ 400S (2003). The reason for the full as opposed to the slip-on is simple: the simple costs $150 less, but the labor will basically be the same. therefore, if labor is the same and re-jetting with a new kit is necessary for both, it makes a lot of sense to spend the additional $150 to get it right. agree with the above? also, will it make a big difference in the bike when it is all done? full price for exhaust system and jet kit and shipping is $493.85. I know this is a great deal because I've priced them at dealerships.
  5. Fuente

    Gear Shift Issue with DRZ-400

    I am talking about the 400 S. And regarding the 'only in my mind' reply and the HD ... if that gives me the confidence needed to ride safely, so be it.
  6. I would appreciate some help with my new 2003 DRZ-400. I just bought it a few weeks ago and it seems to be in great condition, with the exception that gears 1-3 need to be shifted so fast! There is hardly any pause between the 3 and I am not sure this is the way it is supposed to be. Is there perhaps something the previous owner did to make it this way, as he primarily used this in the dirt? And if so, what can I do to get it back the way it should be? Also, regarding a slip-on muffler... do you have a good recommendation to give me some sound? I also have a Harley Davidson FXDCI and one of the beauties of an HD modified is the loudness and growl of the pipes... if they don't see me, they will hear me. Thanks for the information.