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  1. nikeman240

    Idaho City 100? Anyone?

    Idaho City is a LONG race. I did it last year in the "mud bog" (it rained 3 inches in the two days prior to the event and the ground was already saturated). I think the best way to describe it if you are just a casual rider is that you can't wait to get done with the last 20 miles or so, but a couple days later you realize it was the funnest race you have ever done. There were mud holes last year that could swallow you AND your bike whole, but you quickly found better ways of getting around them. It's a very well organized event and alot of fun to ride in some of the most beautiful country around (that you can ride a motorcycle on anyway). I'm doing this years race and I got in as number 5, so without the pros there, it will be nice to be up in the front with far fewer DEEP ruts. I hope to see you all there! Can't wait to race!
  2. nikeman240

    250xc vs 250xc-w

    Where did you find a NEW 09? I would gladly drive from idaho to washington to find a deal like that!! Ended up buying a used 2010 for 5500.
  3. nikeman240

    New Tools?

    go to your local sears when they are having a tool sale and get a set with a hard case that you can carry with ya when you go riding. I probably have 6 grand in tools that stay in my shop and believe it or not, most are craftsman. snap on tools are awesome, but WAY too expensive for what you seem to need right now. I have VERY good luck with craftsman and you can't beat their warranty. I would say definitely the best bang for the buck. Somebody also mentioned the channelock sets at sams club. These are actually really decent sets and come with a plastic case that the sockets lock in individually. This is really nice when you open up the case from the wrong end. I have one of these i bring along when I don't want to lug around my 3 drawer craftsman set. You will want to get a couple extra sockets at your local sears store though. such as a couple large sockets that will fit your axle nut etc. you should be able to get most everything you will ever need on the trail for 150 and then slowly add to it as you see need in your garage/shop.
  4. nikeman240

    help with bog??

    Alright, I will give it a try. I'm only 1 1/2 turns out on my fuel screw, but I will still give it a run and see what happens. I have a jd kit installed, and it's very close to perfect on the jetting, but I will play with it a little on the pilot and see if I can't get something to happen. I think I might be at a 45 already with an opened airbox and dmc afterburner full exhaust. Anyway, thanks for the help and if anybody else has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them! Thanks again:thumbsup:
  5. nikeman240

    help with bog??

    I have an 05 that has a bogging problem. I have done the ap mod, my bike is now jetted spot on, but I have a problem.. Like others have experienced, I have a bog on hard hits or on the face of some steep jumps. It's been a very close call a couple times without having any kind of panic rev to pull me out. So my question is, how can i get more fuel in the bowl in these situations. I have a 95 leak jet installed (I think, maybe a 90) if that makes any difference. Thanks for any input. I've searched the threads, but haven't had much luck. I know many of you hate the quick shot, but do you think this might me an option? Thanks again for any reply,
  6. nikeman240

    some pics from resealing my airbox

    I had to reseal my airboot and box because i had the bright idea of putting vents in my airbox. When the plastic cracked up while riding through some pretty technical stuff I decided it was a stupid idea anyway and didn't really notice any diff in performance. i have been trying to figure out what everyone uses for silicone/sealant and this is the first thread I have found that tells me. So thanks galleghr! I know this is an older thread, but still wanted to send some thanks out. I have been looking everywhere for the stuff! haha.
  7. nikeman240

    paper or stainless

    another vote for paper!!! buy them off ebay and change them every other oil change.
  8. nikeman240

    ap mod results

    I love the mod too! It was way more than I expected. Did you replace your leak jet? change it to a 90 and it's going to be another shock.... as for the jd jet kit. I love it! It seemed to give a more consistent powerband. I have a dmc afterburner comp on too so that helps as well with the consistency. Anyway..... It works for me.
  9. nikeman240

    too much oil?

    did you notice any oil burn coming out of your exhaust? if you have too much oil sometimes it can blow by the rings and burn. Also, when you changed your oil did you did you pull it off the top end? (cranking it over 5 or 6 times by hand) Too much oil shouldn't hurt anything especially for a 30 minute ride. the hard starting could be from a wet plug which also could be from oil blow by. ???? just some ideas. let us know what happens after you change it again.
  10. nikeman240

    What Skidplate do you use?

    thumpertalk skid!!!! I love it.
  11. nikeman240

    Frame Polishing

    I don't have any pics of mine. I polished both sides. And i use nevr dull to keep it shined. HOWEVER... If I was to do it over again, I wouldn't polish them. they are the biggest pain to keep shined up and every time they get wet, they dull again. So it is a constant thing to worry about. They look sweet when theyre nice and shiny though!!
  12. nikeman240

    new bailey plastics/graphics kit...suh-weeeet!

    I have my white kit waiting for me to put on, but haven't had any time to do it yet!!! Can't wait to see how they look though!
  13. nikeman240

    plumb substitute

    ok guys, so how much is a good amount to run and what types and brands have all of you been running? Less valve work means more riding right??
  14. nikeman240

    Please show your CRF450r... Just bought mine

    haha.. good call... and welcome to the forum!!
  15. nikeman240

    Spinning Bolt

    yep, take a shim and stick it between the frame and skid or bolt. it should be enough to keep the nut from spinning. (a door shim or a a toilet shim should do the trick. (like .25 cents at home depot)