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  1. I have a 04 S it now has 1900 miles on it bought it used back in May w/ 200 miles on it. Seems to sound OK or no changes but does the vaules really need to be checked so soon? Has there been that much of a problem w/ this? Do I need to run to the dealer on this? A mech. friend told me that because of the shims it would not be cost affected to do this myself or have him do it. I'm comfused on what I should do the story from the dealer is they check it but it usually never needs any adjusting. So still don't know if it will get done if I take it in. Need some help & suggestions Please. Thanks Guys Eric
  2. eric32680

    Tires for dual purpose ?

    I was thinking about IRC GP1 in the front and a Kenda K270 in the back. But has anyone tried the Dunlop D907?
  3. eric32680

    Tires for dual purpose ?

    I just got a drz 400s and the tires are ok on the street but in sand trails not very much fun. I just got back into dirt riding after a 20 year absence. I want ride from house to trails 2-40 miles & to work every now and then. Has anyone out there found a good comp. tire what is a good tire or (s) mixed or match. 30-50%street and 50-70% sand & some muck. Thanks Guys Eric