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  1. rpmranger

    XR650R vs. DRZ400

    This topic is funny if you look at the same questions posted in the DRZ forum.... A bunch of those guys say they can "smoke" 650's on their DRZ's! HA! whatever....they must have raced an 87 year old granny riding a bone stock 650L to the geriatric center, and even then, she probably didn't even know they were "racing". I've ridden that DRZ on and off-road and there is NO WAY IN HELL that it would even come close to beating a stock 650R AND the DRZ is HEAVIER!!! How can it be better on the trail when it weighs MORE than the 650R and has way less h.p. and torque....the electric start doesn't count as better in my opinion! Oh well, if you want that DRZ at least have the courtesy to pull off the side of the trail and get out of the way when you hear a REAL bike coming up behind you!
  2. rpmranger

    XR650R vs. DRZ400

    Drz400 is slow, weak, poor quality and heavy. Xr650r is FAST, powerful, extremely reliable and heavy. Suzuki= not exactly known for quality products, resale value lower. Honda= Excellent quality, Excellent reliability and everyone knows it. I've ridden several DRZ's when I worked at the dealership and they are garbage in my opinion, especially if you are going to ride it HARD. I can't see ANY possible reason to have one over my plated XR650R.
  3. rpmranger

    White Bros E series pipe?

    people sell them on E-bay all the time, type in "white bros" in the search under parts and accesseries...there is about 20 E-series pipes for sale right now, I don't see any for the 650r right now but usually at least one a week pops up for sale if you keep watching.
  4. rpmranger

    Stage 2 Cam?

    well, I don't have any access to a bike dyno nearby or care to spend $140 dynoing 2 different cams...but I do have another xr650r that is dead even with mine every time we race on pavement so it will show if I lose power with the stage 2 cam. it will be interesting to see the difference .
  5. rpmranger

    Stage 2 Cam?

    alright thanks, I guess I'll just buy both stage 1 and 2 and see which one I like better...they are pretty cheap...around $130 I can talk a friend into buying the one I don't want for $100 bucks or so. I'll let everyone know how the stage 2 runs without engine mods, maybe write a stage 1 vs. stage 2 comparison.
  6. rpmranger

    Stage 2 Cam?

    thanks for the reply.... I already have his website bookmarked, but he mostly just talks about his 680 monster! Maybe i'll e-mail him anyway. I really would like to know how well the stage 2 cam will work WITHOUT the higher compression, oversized valves and more cc's ...I KNOW it will work well with that stuff. Anyone out there have an internally unmodified 650R with the stage 2 cam??? C-MON....somebody has to have one! Or is everyone to chicken! just kidding ....and YES, before I get told, I have done a search...out of 56,000 posts only a couple guys are running the stage 2 and they are heavily modified bikes, and only ONE guy is using it on a similar motor to mine and his has no top end so something probably isn't right there.
  7. rpmranger

    Stage 2 Cam?

    Anyone out there running the Hotcams Stage 2 cam in the 650R? I ride everything from tight technical mountain trails and moab slickrock to wide open desert racing and sand dunes. Trying to decide between the stage 1 or stage 2 cam. There seems to be a LOT of guys running the stage 1 but hardly anyone with the 2. How did the stage 2 effect bottom end power, is it still a torque monster or did it shift the power range up to mid-top end more. Basically I wanna know if it will still be OK in the technical mountain trails and slickrock still with the stage 2...I KNOW it will be good for the desert but don't know how bad it will affect low end. Does the stage 1 make much of a difference...is it even worth it? I have full exaust, edelbrock, hop up kit, everything else stock. thanks.