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  1. very true. i also prefer the non permanent method. so on my bike i pulled the harness out pryed the terminal apart and stuck the end of the other wire in there. so if i decided to go to stock, just pry the terminal apart and put the other wire back in there. your way is better but i hate searching for terminals
  2. if you can find the right size terminal just cut the two wires and use a butt connector to hook the wires together.
  3. I Have A Plated Wr450. I Change Mine Every 200-250 Miles. The Old Oil Still Looks Good When It Comes Out So I'm Not Worried.
  4. No, The Dmv Doesn't Need To See The Bike. But You Will Need A Inspection Sticker. But Any Bike Shop Can Do That.
  5. Sorry, That Might Help. It's An 04. It's Plated And Never Goes Off Road
  6. Can I Use A Fmf Head Pipe With My Stock Muffler? I Don't Want A Full System Because My Bike Is Quiet And Sounds Good. I Have A Gyt-r Insert In The Stock Muffler. Fmf Says It Increases Power And Quiets The Bike By 2db. Does This Sound Right? Thanks For The Help
  7. I Bought A Leftover 04 Wr450 Last Spring. I Brought The Certificate Of Origin To The Dmv And Told Them I Wanted To Register My Motorcycle. They Didn't Look At It Twice. I Left With A Plate And Now I Have A Title For The Bike. After I Got It Plated I Threw On The Baja Designs Kit And Have Been Riding Since, With No Problems
  8. I've Got A Stock Blue One Off A 04 Wr450. Let Me Know If You Are Interested.
  9. I Have Seen An Ignition Cylinder For The Wr. I'm Pretty Sure Baja Designs Made It.
  10. I Have Seen Them In The Dennis Kirk Off Road Book.
  11. I Have A Plated 04 Wr450. I'm Fitting Up A Set Of 17's And Was Wondering What Tires To Put On. I Don't Ride Off Road And Don't Race. I Pretty Much Just Ride It Back And Forth From Work. I'm Looking For A Good Handling Tire That Gets Decent Mileage. Thanks For The Help