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  1. very true. i also prefer the non permanent method. so on my bike i pulled the harness out pryed the terminal apart and stuck the end of the other wire in there. so if i decided to go to stock, just pry the terminal apart and put the other wire back in there. your way is better but i hate searching for terminals
  2. if you can find the right size terminal just cut the two wires and use a butt connector to hook the wires together.
  3. I Have A Plated Wr450. I Change Mine Every 200-250 Miles. The Old Oil Still Looks Good When It Comes Out So I'm Not Worried.
  4. GMC3500HD

    any tips on dual sport conversion in ma.

    No, The Dmv Doesn't Need To See The Bike. But You Will Need A Inspection Sticker. But Any Bike Shop Can Do That.
  5. GMC3500HD

    Wr450 Head Pipe

    Sorry, That Might Help. It's An 04. It's Plated And Never Goes Off Road
  6. GMC3500HD

    Wr450 Head Pipe

    Can I Use A Fmf Head Pipe With My Stock Muffler? I Don't Want A Full System Because My Bike Is Quiet And Sounds Good. I Have A Gyt-r Insert In The Stock Muffler. Fmf Says It Increases Power And Quiets The Bike By 2db. Does This Sound Right? Thanks For The Help
  7. GMC3500HD

    any tips on dual sport conversion in ma.

    I Bought A Leftover 04 Wr450 Last Spring. I Brought The Certificate Of Origin To The Dmv And Told Them I Wanted To Register My Motorcycle. They Didn't Look At It Twice. I Left With A Plate And Now I Have A Title For The Bike. After I Got It Plated I Threw On The Baja Designs Kit And Have Been Riding Since, With No Problems
  8. GMC3500HD

    IMS 3+ gal up for trade?

    I've Got A Stock Blue One Off A 04 Wr450. Let Me Know If You Are Interested.
  9. GMC3500HD

    how can I put a key ignition on my wr450f?

    I Have Seen An Ignition Cylinder For The Wr. I'm Pretty Sure Baja Designs Made It.
  10. GMC3500HD

    Radiator Thermometer "tape"

    I Have Seen Them In The Dennis Kirk Off Road Book.
  11. GMC3500HD

    Street Tires

    I Have A Plated 04 Wr450. I'm Fitting Up A Set Of 17's And Was Wondering What Tires To Put On. I Don't Ride Off Road And Don't Race. I Pretty Much Just Ride It Back And Forth From Work. I'm Looking For A Good Handling Tire That Gets Decent Mileage. Thanks For The Help