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    XR650R, YFZ450se, Jeep Rubicon, and my Family
  1. lilbro

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Watched it go up on a trailer and leave.
  2. lilbro

    southwest riding?

    Get a job before the move!
  3. lilbro

    why is honda so great

    Honda's innovation is top notch. The fit, finish, and tight tolerances mean reliability.
  4. lilbro

    keeping phone safe while riding?

    I have a Otter box and put it in my Camelbak
  5. I'll run him! quad or bike! He can come here though!
  6. that thing is bad ass i tried to get my stepdad to get one instead of his f350 Wait till it has a lift, exhaust, tune, stereo, and a few other little toyz here and there on it.
  7. I have been a loyal customer of my local dealership for a few years. I have bought a Used Busa, my 07 XR, and four quads from them. I took three of them in for service this last fall and they did suck a half ass job on them that I will never be back! Some places are just cutting their own throats.
  8. Recovery drink? Banana and a Beer is what a few members of my old MTB team used to do.
  9. lilbro

    What chain lube do you use and WHY?

    I owned a bicycle shop and used that stuff ALL the time for the chains.
  10. 2004 F250 4x4 Harley Edition
  11. lilbro

    Who is riding where this weekend?

    Sucked! Ranger did clear out some of the dumb people. 2 up on quads, no helmet on kids, and wheelies 5ft away from kids. Just way to many knuckle heads.
  12. lilbro

    2007 TRX250 Stuck in gear...

    Take it to the dealer and tell them it has been doing it for a month! See if they will work with you.
  13. lilbro

    Who is riding where this weekend?

    Doing mile marker 11.5 (Boulders OHV area)with the family Sat.
  14. lilbro

    Who's still riding?

    My family and I are going out Saturday. It should be in the lower 70s or upper 60s. What is this snow thing that you talk about?