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  1. http://groups.msn.com/SparkleCityUSA/gramaboughtcodyabike.msnw
  2. jgerdi I have taken many bikes to the local guys here in Eastern Michigan . One bike 5 times to try to get it right to the same guy and it was still waaaay wrong. I have tried four other suspension guys and the best they could do on a good ay is get close maybe. I never did get a penny back from any of these guys and they won't back their work because they don't know how. I finaly found "factory connection". The same bike that coudn't be made right with 5 attempts was magicly perfect the first time back. Same with all the suspensions that I send to factory connection. Just thought I'd let ya know. Ride safe and have fun
  3. TRC-Rich

    Worst MX Bike ever?

    A Honda CR125 2000 and 2001, No doubts about it. Even the old bikes in this post could be moded or fixed or could compte against other in thier time. The CR can't be ported properly because of the power valve, can't be taken out to a 144 with out breaking into the exaust port chamber. And to top it all, it comes with the lowest HP numbers of any bike near that year.
  4. TRC-Rich

    Lets See Your Pit Bikes! Post Your Pics Here

    http://groups.msn.com/SparkleCityUSA/cobra.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1136 ------------------------------------------------------------- http://groups.msn.com/SparkleCityUSA/cobra.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1135
  5. TRC-Rich

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    Lets see, I'm allmost 59, got my first bike at 9 or 10, money from hoeing beans for a couple of summers. ...was a scooter, I can't remember the brand but I do remember that wheel barrel tires would fit it. Getting close to the fifty years of riding mark I guess. Allways had one or more bikes..have allways bought atleast one bike a year every year..street...dragster...motocross..roadracers and even a moped or two. But I want my old scooter back:)
  6. Oh please NO!! Not more harley rules. I been there for 40 years, harley running the AMA. Vaun Beals was chairman or the board for AMA and CEO of harley for many many years at the same time. Thats why the AMA (especialy flattrack) is so screwed up now. That is also why flattrack is going down the tubes. Don't get me wrong, I had two HD XR750s and the AMA made sure we won, well the AMA made sure...same dif. If the AMA ( harley rules) does it, it is not called cheating. (sort of) But I don't want to run my MX bikes with no spark plugs in them or what ever the AMA does to make sure harley wins.
  7. Having just bought a new yz250f and had the suspension done for a lot of bucks, I am wondering if the rumor I have heard is true, now do the 250 2-strokes and the 250-4strokes run together?
  8. TRC-Rich

    Fair Class rule PASSED ! ! ! !

    That's the AMA for ya, I bought two 50cc shaft bikes once and the next year they put the fast chain/shifter bikes in that class, so I buy a Wasp brand 50cc chain bike, then the AMA outlaws that brand,then I buy a 60cc and an 80cc and bore them the extra 5cc that is allowed, the next year they tell me I cant run my 65cc and 85cc with the 65cc and 85cc bikes that then were made by the factorys. So I get a cr125(2000) and the next year they tell me that I have to run with the 250 four strokes, but I can bore my cr125 to a 144 to make it even, sorry but a cr125(2000) can't be bored to a 144. So this year I buy a new yz250f and put a good suspension on it. In steps the AMA again. They allow the two strokes to double in cc. I think the AMA's moronic rules from the HD,XR750's are trickling down on us. Well at least the AMA scr*ws the bike manfactures more then they do us....maybe