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  1. black powdercoated hubs
  2. plainville
  3. i really just wanted my hubs to have an aftermarket look to them, when i ordered my spokes and nipples from rad manufacturing i saw some of their hubs had the zerk fittings in them so i just drilled and tapped the hub and put the fitting in there.
  4. its a klx110 all built up, sunk alot of money in it.
  5. no i added them, i got the idea from when i ordered my spokes and nipples from rad manufacturing, some of their hubs had grease fittings.
  6. wow! great pics
  7. My 250f: Added some new spokes and nipples And the 110
  8. They are the stock hubs powdercoated black. I got rid of the casting marks on the hubs and smoothed them out.
  9. thanks
  10. just looked at the ones on denniskirk and the are for the 450 and was told they wouldnt fit because the shrouds are different, so i called n-style and they said it would cost me $200 for them to make the kit and another $40 for pre prints.
  11. thanks alot for the info, i was begining to think it was a custom graphics kit.
  12. Anyone ever see these graphics before and know where to get them?, i've searched around but no luck.