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  1. A busa is going to get you about 30 mpg. And please do not go out and get a busa for a first street bike, because honestly not to be rude, but you wont be alive long. Our dealership sold a guy his first street bike, a busa. Normally we will not do this, but he insisted, that he was going to take classes and yada yada on it. Needless to say, it was on the news that night he had been killed on the interstate. The busas and 1000's are made for experienced riders only. Not a bike to start out on.
  2. Mhammons55

    which one is smoother

    The 125 doesn't have a very hard hit, I'm guessing you haven't rode much or are just starting? 250f is an easier bike to learn on so I'd go with it. The 250f has more torque and lowend, but will not have that "hit in the powerband" your talking about. Either way get a bike soon and enjoy. =]
  3. Mhammons55

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    First of all your a Moron for posting this.. Please please explain to me and highlight in this document where it says he was wearing Leatt brace? Then I might reconsider my statement. Next who ever wrote this is stupid for not being able to spell. I'm sure he was wearing a kneck brace not a kneck brake. And third, like already mentioned what the hell does this have to do with the Leatt? The leatt has nothing to do with what he injured. But like I said I'm stupid for wasting my time, because no where in this article does it mention a Leatt being used.
  4. Haha bro, it depends what kind of streetbike your talking about. If your talking about the 750 sportbikes, a harley rider wouldnt even think about trying to keep up with one. But anyway your correct about the gas mileage. 600's and 750's can pull 42 mpg plus. It's just when you get into the liter bikes 1000cc and up is when the gas mileage is sucky.
  5. If your gong to get a street bike for gas mileage, why would you get a liter bike such as the hayabusa. Do not get me wrong, but they drink gas as much as a nice car. How do I know? I've owned one. Riding it hard I averaged about 27 mpg. Just cruising I could get 33-35. Thats less then a civic. Hell of allot more fun, but not the choice for gas mileage. The GSXR1000's only get 34 mpg with the average rider.
  6. Check with the local shop and see what they say. =]
  7. Mhammons55

    My life sucks. What would you do?

    Werd.^^ I wish that was all the problems I had. But anyway, keep going to school for what your doing, your already into it. Or something to think about, their always in demand, and pay really really well. Look into going to school for a person who takes x-rays. I believe you can get certified for that in 1 year. Then once you get out of school, get situated with your job, and ride every weekend.
  8. Mhammons55

    Anyone going South?

    I'm looking at buying a used vehicle that doesn't run in Jersey. I stay in Texas. So anyone heading this way, that wouldnt mind carrying an extra load for some cash, could you give me a hollar.
  9. Are there any female streetbike riders in the south area?? I'm looking at a gsxr750 to have a little fun on.
  10. Mhammons55

    Facial hair removal...

    Sorry, me and my fiance use the same user name. Explains the amount of post. But we both ride. =] haha... But where did you pick up this waxing kit?
  11. Mhammons55

    Facial hair removal...

    Do any of you girls have this problem? Nothing major, but the small amount of hair above the lips or anywhere? Have to shave every week or so to hide it gets old? Is there any kind of chreme or gel that kills hair roots?? or something of that nature?
  12. Mhammons55

    Moving To Austin Texas

    This guy just nailed it on the head. My 3 favorit tracks I ride at. Del valle, Cross Creek, and Cycle Ranch.
  13. Mhammons55

    local for sale ad lol

    Well I called them? And they have no idea about a purple powerband for sale? They have a dirtbike for sale for 1700.00? Was this a joke? lol
  14. Mhammons55

    local for sale ad lol

    Calling right now...:] lol
  15. lol... was this a joke?