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  1. bullllll that it does 120 crf 230 might do 120 not a 150
  2. what bike should i get now, just sold my 2003 xr 100r
  3. sold the bikke for 1200 and a pocket bike for my xr 100 not rinning
  4. thanks alot i'll try all the sugestions tommrow hopefully
  5. allright thanks i'll try that tonight or tommrow for sure
  6. it just kept gettin worse..
  7. my bike won't start, there seems to be no compression, i put a little gas in the sparkplug hole and it fired up but it wouldn't stay running..tried a few times but nothin..what would be wrong with this? I was told it could be the valves stuck but i took the valve cover off and it wasn;t that..what else could it be