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  1. BSAVictor

    CRF250F how its made

    Hmmm, great, restful travel video for Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Earth First, etc.!! Ya think he had to put his feet down a coupla times? How bout that tall Orange Bike he passed, among others? Somebody had a Big Time on the Bayo laying out that course. You'ns with radiators, BEWARE! Come, mistah tally man, tally me ba-na-na!!
  2. BSAVictor

    2019 Crf250f new model!!

    Hmmm.... Shim-type valve adjusting on the CRF250F? Is the FI the type that will work in (God Forbid) the dreaded deadish-battery, bump-start conditions?
  3. BSAVictor

    Measuring chain wear

    As a Boy Scout ye'd carry compact breaker tool and some extry chain in ye backpack to be prepared for broken regular links on trail out in the Jillikins?
  4. BSAVictor

    Measuring chain wear

    I guess the Honda factory in Brazil didn't have the EZ master link rivet tool for one of my bikes?
  5. BSAVictor

    Measuring chain wear

    Is Russian begging question of fundamental link canon: assume all of you clip-type master link users install closed end facing direction of chain travel? One of my 230s has clip master link, one is riveted. To properly install the riveted one, you need to use micrometer, etc., and I found it to be a tedious, hairy process. The original equipment riveted-master-link chain I replaced like-for-like had the master installed too tight from the factory, and it was kinking/binding there and damaging the chain and prolly the sprockets somewhat too.... My proper-install job of the rivetted master is working fine so far, without binding/kinking or fast wear, but so is the clip-master chain on the other bike....
  6. BSAVictor

    Fork Options for CRF230....?

    For "conventional" forks protection for many years I used cut-to-length, under-sink garbage disposal hose and uv-resist zip ties. You split the hose along its length and wrap it around the forks. You can have two segments on a fork, depending on its layout. Thick protection from frontal rock hits, made with anti-rot neoprene(?), and the black colors go with purt-near everything. Yeah, adds a bit to un-sprung weight, but eahhh….
  7. BSAVictor

    Super Sherpa or CRF?

    Yeah, the stock TW200 battery last time I checked was heavy, big, liquid acid electrolyte-type---didn't do well for me in inevitable falls---acid spilled out vent tube, often onto things I'd rather not have had acidified! The TW200 is no featherweight, but all things considered, and based on your expressed preferences, sounds like a possible fit for you. The big wide tires are better than average in soft sand, and I run them with lower pressure when need be; I take a small hand pump in my backpack to adjust air pressure as needed. That bike's obviously not for racing in big whoops, etc., but for exploring and overall capability/affordability/reliability/low-maintenance, it's well worth a look!
  8. BSAVictor

    Super Sherpa or CRF?

    Haiy Maite! She'll be right! I'd look into new or used Yamaha TW200. It's what, 20-30 lbs lighter than CFR250L, has carb, lower seat height, bullet-proof, easy to work on, incredibly capable in dirt. I don't know how fast/far you need to cruise on road, but that Yammy can probably do at least 55mph all day(?). [Translate our old English measurements to metric as needed.] I shaved some weight off it by removing rear footpegs and other less-essential things, and got terrific, lightweight LIFEPO battery (lithium iron phosphate-got expensive, dedicated charger for it, too, but use it for same type battery on two other bikes-prevents over-charging, etc.) Maybe you could test out a TW200 for a bit before buying; if you liked it, then you might buy a TW200 and sell both the Sherco and the CRF250L.... On a TW200 forum, there's an extended posting from a guy who rigged up a small trailer(!) on his TW200 and rode highways/camped his way over the Rocky Mountains here.... Cheers!
  9. BSAVictor

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    How bout more of an "e-bicycle" with emergency fold-out pedals? I'm only sorta kidding....
  10. BSAVictor

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    These overall opportunity spaces/dimensions look like a new "Wild West" to me--or analogous to the early automobile industry. A paradigm shift target for me would be more of a "bicycle-weight" (200 lbs. or less--think an advanced, fat-tire electric bike--maybe using carbon-fiber frame, etc.) vehicle with a minimum heavy-throttle range of 50 miles, maximum full re-charge time of 30 minutes, full front and rear suspensions, full "street" lighting/instrumentation, a cruising speed of 55-60mph. I'd use $10k-15k of my nest egg for such a bike, and with competitive inputs from world-wide sources and scrutiny/demands from us discerning customers--maybe my target specs would be greatly exceeded, at even lower pricing, even in the next 10 years. How 'bout it?
  11. BSAVictor

    Fuel Range

    Hmmmm.... I'm not familiar with all details on GPS miles-travelled measurement---does GPS account for "vertical distance travelled", not just "horizontal"?
  12. BSAVictor

    Fuel Range

    That particular place was around Gorman approx. 4k-8k ft elevation; they're smaller species, not Grizzlies (extinct there), and they don't hang out waiting for you to see them. But I didn't like the nighttime/walking disadvantages I had--just in case one was desperately hungry/thinking I was endangering cubs/territory/etc. Kali also has some mountain lions in our southern and northern mountain areas. I figure that insert is maybe a filling level guide and/or maybe an "optimizer"/stop for the nozzle? I wouldn't remove it without for sure knowing its purpose and possible damage removal might do. Look up Japanese concept of "monozukuri".
  13. BSAVictor

    Fuel Range

    I think they prolly meant 100-125 miles PER TANK, not PER GALLON?
  14. BSAVictor

    Fuel Range

    With my 03s, stock pipe/jetting/sprockets, based on my Trailtech odo, worst I ever got was 44mpg (yeah, heavy throttle, gnarly conditions). As I understand it, starting a a certain model year, tank capy a bit less. Also, I try to make sure tank is full to the bottom of the filler neck, just in case I end up pushing the tank range. I only plan for max 90 miles, tho. Walking with gear on kinda sucks, especially when it's up and down mountainous parts with critters that might be hungry/ornery; been there/done that (had no odo then, and had different model dirtbike) well into nighttime, and had been ridin all day past juniper-berry-laden big/wide poops that could only have been left by bahrs (bears for you'uns in Cadiz).
  15. BSAVictor

    Another year of testing.

    To me, BTR does more testing--and more-realistic testing---than any manufacturer!! Add in all that the other Big Boys contribute here---the benefits to all of us are incredible!!!