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  1. pumpupthevolume16

    riding a 2stroke

    i dont mean 2 highjack this thread but i went from 85s 2 a 250f and now i just picked up a rm250, i can ring both bikes out, do u think im missing out because i didnt ride 125s?
  2. pumpupthevolume16

    My Bike!

    i got them off of jasons yz450f at daytona with his jersey, i also got tyler bowers YoT plastics last year, which are currently on my bike.
  3. pumpupthevolume16

    My Bike!

    to bad i got the real plastic and graphics:smirk:
  4. pumpupthevolume16

    Took my Forks apart...please help

    same thing happened to my kyb twin chamber forks on my yz250f. i got my parts from smart performance for $80. you should call dave, im sure he has some showa connections.
  5. pumpupthevolume16


    could i put a set of 06-09 yz forks on there with a set of 2005 kx250 clamps?
  6. pumpupthevolume16


    hey guys, i would like to start a new project bike for summer and i was thinking about getting 2004 kx250 and putting either kx450 forks and shock or yz250/f or yz450 forks and shock on. my question is would this be an easy swap and how much would i have to change the valving. also would i be able use the stock triple clamps or would i have to use the 2005 kx250 clamps?
  7. pumpupthevolume16

    rim lock

    my tires have been coming off the rim
  8. pumpupthevolume16

    rim lock

    i have a 2007 yz250f and i was wondering if i could put a second rim lock on my rear wheel where they have a rubber plug at.
  9. pumpupthevolume16

    07 yz250f front suspension

    you should be fine. where are you doing most of ur riding and whats your skill?
  10. pumpupthevolume16

    bike cut out

    my buddy was riding his 2008 rmz250 down a straightaway on his track and the motor completly cut out, and will not start. its not seized or locked up. it just acts like it has no compression. could it possibly be the auto decompression spring on the exhaust cam stopped working?
  11. dave when do u think that u will have the other springs avalible?
  12. would it be benaficail to run a bleed stack on a 2007 yz250f
  13. pumpupthevolume16

    Why do Pros move their right leg off the peg when jumping?

    the purpose that this serves is to bring the nose down or to help level the bike out mid air, if down right it save much more momentium than tapping the rear brake.
  14. pumpupthevolume16

    shim stack

    is there any way i could put a bcv valve stick in my forks
  15. pumpupthevolume16

    My front end seems to dive midway through a turn

    wht kind of turn is ur tire washing out at. sweepers, bowl turns wut? is it sand or hard pack?