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  1. KXone20five

    KX500 Ride Report (With Pics and Video)

    wow that thing looks mean. very nice
  2. KXone20five

    took off my preprinted backgrounds

    little vodka, or just rubbing alcohol.
  3. Well I have my wr250f and i would like to talk the lights off but keep the electric start, so my first question wheere do you put the wires once you take them out of the light do you just follow them to the source and take them out ther or shove them in ur air box or something.
  4. KXone20five


    Like hell the wr is slow.
  5. Little Snack in the camel back, Water, a couple tools, cell phone, and a bottle just incase i have to drain some gas for a friend or if they do the same for me.
  6. KXone20five

    which 125?

    You could get a yz125 for around 1700, like a 01 or 02
  7. CHeap Cheap Cheap. just something to stop the paint wear.
  8. KXone20five

    Need a new bike.

    Agree with the yz125 option, I had a ttr125l when I was 5'1, then got a KX125 had problems with it, I should have gotten a yz. But now im 5'5 and ride my 05wr250f with no problems and is a little taller then my buddys yzf. Go with the yz125 you wont have any problems. I sat on one at the dealer and im 5'5 and i could touch bassically flat feet.
  9. KXone20five

    lets see some clean bikes!

    my 2 month old baby. after riding
  10. KXone20five

    My New Ride...

    how much did u get it for
  11. KXone20five

    Just got my new bike PICS!!

    Why the hell would he need a new chain , its a brand new bike. They are supposed to be that loose.
  12. KXone20five

    How do you...?

    Acerbis to be is A SIR Bis
  13. KXone20five

    Helmet cam harescramble 65b class

    Wow that looked like the simplest harescramble wow, nothing to it but a little sand no hills or anything.
  14. KXone20five

    whats the best place to buy a new bike around Connecticut?

    Cycle Performance, Litchfield CT, I bought my WR and was real happy with the service, Little price'y when it comes to geting your bike serviced or repaired.