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  1. My 06 xr650l came with the Bridgestone on it from factory too. 8000km later I'm on my 2nd front tire and 4th rear. Tried Maxxis 6006 not bad , Kenda 270 good ware but loud and squirly on the corners. Just put Kenda 761's front and rear super on pavement and not bad on hard pack dirt.
  2. Thanks goblin.
  3. Anyone have any luck with the XRonly stainless steel exhaust header.
  4. Who makes a stainless pipe to bolt up to a stock muffler without any problems? What will clean the white corrosion off aluminum?
  5. Well mstrav I'm 6'3" 250lbs so I had to readjust the rear shock. They recommend between 3" & 4" sag and I had over 5" from factory, so I screwed nut down till I got about 3 1/2" sag. All I did was put bike on stand, remove side panel and used a long flat head screwdriver and hammer. Of course you will have to loosen up on the shock so it won't be very hard to turn. If I remember correctly there wasn't many threads on top of nut from factory but maybe enough to help. If not eat some Doughnuts and more . I don't think a spanner wrench will work unless you strip the bike down cause there isn't much room.
  6. Just wondering if anyone had a proper diameter .030" washer they would like to sell me for shimming the needle in my Xr650L. I currently have a .020" in and am thinking it may be part of the problem of my popping on decel.
  7. I can get 150+km (93+mph) on the highway but wouldn't want to run it like that for long
  8. What muffler is that on your bike kelleyseiler. Did it fit right on without modifying anything, and how does it sound? I have been thinking of a Supertrap but open for suggestions.
  9. Are you guys using synthetic grease, cause its best for water resistance.
  10. Well I just bought my 650L a couple of months ago and I can't get enough of it . I did Daves mods and what a difference, the pig will stand up in 1st & 2nd no problem . Everyone tells me what a nice lookin bike (even the KLR, XT,and DR owners) My only beef is the small gas tank, around 90 miles to reserve after mods. Not alot of aftermarket add ons but TT guys can keep you busy, and tell you what parts from other bikes will fit the L. It would only be to your benefit to look at the other bikes mentioned, but once on the L you won't want to get off. till your falls asleep.
  11. My 2006 XR650L, lots of mods done and lots to do. My latest addition
  12. I have stock rims on my 2006 XR650L. I guess Honda couldn't afford the rim locks so stuck a rubber plug in instead. I'm soon going to replace my tires and am wondering how to tell what size lock to use.
  13. Well I geared up a small piece of hose to my vacume cleaner and made sure I cleaned out any plastic pieces from the choke hole and used Tirebiter's idea of the teflon tape. Seems to be holding, new cable should be here first of week. Thanks Tirebiter
  14. Took carb out tonight to rejet and when putting choke cable back on noticed threads are pretty much gone. It does stay in the carb and seems to be working,but am wondering if it will hurt to ride till I can get a new cable. Do they make a cable that has a metal threaded end?
  15. Downshift a little faster and make her squeal like a pig