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    Beaver Raceway Is Open For Practice!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey oneflyyz, Why don`t you take a risk and lay out some of your hard earned cash to buy a track. Then you can buy some equipment, maintain that equipment as well as buy fuel for that equipment. On top of that you can drive for three hours every single wknd. to get to your new track so you can run and operate it. Then don`t forget to keep your insurance policy current while your at it. On top of every thing else you will need to deal with countless Dumb Asses such as your self. I wonder how much you would charge or even if you would last very long. Lets not forget the water, the last time I checked water was at a premium cash wise. Who the hell are you anyway Mr. oneflyyz boy? Ignorant Dumb asses like yourself bug me. Maybe you ought to see what the new owner is trying to do with his facility before you spout off. I would assume that your a bike rider, why would you not be glad that someone is getting involved for everyones benefit? Are you so damn tight that 20 bucks is going to break you? Maybe you should get real.Oh and if you want to know, my name is Kerry Lynn 435/580-9007. Just curious to know, what tracks are you comparing Beaver to.