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  1. Awesome, thanks!!
  2. What is the process for that??
  3. Wes Woodin

    First oil change. Uhm, is this bad?

    I would go all OEM and reestablish a good baseline. Take it easy and don’t rag it out and keep the oil changed, you should be fine.
  4. Wes Woodin

    AER 48 Q

    What did you run your rebound and compression clickers at
  5. Wes Woodin

    First oil change. Uhm, is this bad?

    I bought my bike brand new and change the oil every two hours and never saw that. It will also depend on how they broke the motor in and how they heat cycle it. I would just change the oil and keep an eye on it. Definitely go with OEM oil filters and do it regularly every 2 to 4 hours. Should clear up. Are use motor X cross power 4T 10/50 oil. I failed to mention that I have a 2018 450 XXF
  6. Wes Woodin

    AER 48 Q

    You wouldn’t have a link to the article would you?
  7. Wes Woodin

    AER 48 Q

    So I have a 2018 KTM SXF 450 and love it. I did put two spring rates stiffer on the rear, I think 55NM? Im 230 lbs. So here id my question? When you go up on the spring rate on the rear shock, do you also go up on the pressure in the front? I'm currently running 11 BAR and and roughly 105 MM sag on the bike. Just trying to dial it in and wondering if I should go up in pressure and less compression, or go up on compression and stay stock 10.8 BAR. Thanks for any help!!
  8. The bike is amazing! Best most well balanced bike I have ever ridden. I couldn't believe the power delivery of the motor after the pipe and map. I will see about increasing the idle. I did check the plug and it did seem lean, however the bikes come from the factory lean. Im running straight 100 octane pump gas. I will do a re check after another 4 hours. I will be going to VP T-4 to try it out. Are you running the DB insert, or did you take it out? When I took mine out, it seemed even harder to start. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. I have been running my 2018 450SXF KTM stock and its a beast, I LOVE IT! I did just purchase a full TI Evolution Akrapovic exhaust system and just had the dealer map flash my ECU with the latest Map. It truly is unbelievable the difference in the performance of the machine, However sometimes the bike has a hard time starting now. I wanted to know if anybody has experienced this? I was running VP 110 fuel, however I know that its too much octane for the bike. I ran straight 100 pump gas and its seemed to run better. I will be however changing to VP T4 and mixing it with 93 non ethanol pump gas. I will be checking the spark plug tomorrow to identify the color. Really wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Wes Woodin

    Watch for this on newer KTMs

    I was seconding the twin air power cage, not sure why it didn't show the quote. Thank you, I am genius!
  11. Wes Woodin

    Watch for this on newer KTMs

    I second this!!!
  12. Wes Woodin

    stock spring rate 2016 kx250f

    Can anybody tell me what the stock spring rate is for a 2016 kx 250f? I think it is a 53 NM. My son is roughly 200lbs and I was going to up the spring rate to a 55NM. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  13. Wes Woodin

    2018 Question

    Agreed, Sounds just like mine and there are a lot of moving parts. NORMAL
  14. Wes Woodin

    SXF filter screen removal?

    I run a twin air power cage that is anodized aluminum. It eliminates the filter tears from the center post burrs and it has great flow. I also run the flame retardant filter. I would never run a four stroke without a filter screen unless I had the flame retardant filter. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1667/2702/Twin-Air-Power-Flow-Intake-System?v=14955
  15. Does the bike have a skid plate? Ive ridden bikes with metal plates and they would vibrate horribly. I put a plastic one on my 18 for that very problem. Mine doesn't vibrate at all. I thought I read all the posts but I might have missed one if someone has brought it up already.