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  1. Just tried to call you
  2. I have a 2014 and it does have side to side wobble. The way its designed makes it have some play!
  3. Hello I'm hoping that this community can help. I have been looking for a service manual for my son's 2014 CRF 150R. I did look and found one that someone had downloaded via dropbox for a 2007 model. Does anybody have a 2014 that I can download? I would be forever grateful!
  4. Thank you for the responses! We are going to check out the bike tomorrow. I will check these things out. As for as Checking valve specs, what are the intervals? I heard 30-40 hours, others say 50-60. My concern is the adjustability of the bike set up. With the 150 R, I can adjust the sag etc, where the f, the suspension isn't as adjustable.
  5. Good morning, I had a couple questions about a 2015 CRF 150 our. I'm looking at purchasing a 2015 CRF 150R for my son and this will be his first race bike. The owner was the original owner and said that it wasn't written but about 30 to 40 hours and was only ridden around the farm never raced. I would like to know what I need to watch out for on this bike. Its looks like It's incredibly clean and it looks like It has been well maintained. My boy is coming off a KLX 110 L. My boy said he wanted a t0 2 stroke. I moved into a KX 65 which was actually smaller (so he could get the feel of a 2 stroke) but he did not like the erratic nature of the two-stroke power band, and sold it after three weeks. I've been going back and forth back and forth depending on which bike to get him and I think I'm going to settle in on at 150R. He loves the four stroke power delivery however wants adjustable suspensions since he likes to jump. Any other recommendations and anything else I should know before purchasing this bike in a couple days?
  6. I buy the kit and it comes with with the rings and two metal screens. I just change it all. I will try buying just the paper filter net time! Thanks!!
  7. I do ride moto, and very hard with high RPM's! I do still ride trail too.
  8. Just changed however haven't ridden yet. 51 rate 35mm sag and 105 race sag. All clickers on the sport settings in the manual. Ill keep you updated as to how it performs.!
  9. I bought KTM Soft straps and simply run them around the triple clamps now. It works great!
  10. I only have 4 hours on my stock chain and it has stretched like crazy. Cant believe how much actually. I will be going with an "O" Ring next. 2018 450 SXF
  11. Just put in a WP 51 shock spring on my 18 450 SXF, set the static sag to 35mm on the dot and went sport settings on all the clickers as it states in the manual, and have set it up to have 105mm race sag. I decided to run 10 Bar in the front fork. Ill be running it for the first time this Sunday, but just sitting on it, I can tell its going to be sweet. I also picked up a little more real estate by moving my bars forward. Ill keep you updated as to how it performs!!
  12. Every 4 hours and filter kit with screens goes with it!
  13. I bought my son a KLX 100L and noticed that the last time he rode it, it was making a chattering sound. It didn't do it all the time. Sometimes it would just start, them stop. Im thinking that the valves need to be shimmed? Any advice? Thanks in Advance!!
  14. I ended up with a Warp 9. I got the whole kit, handle and case. $100. Its a nice unit and well worth the money!
  15. GDUCK, Thanks! I think thats pretty standard for most bikes it seems. Thank you for the response!