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  1. TomXR400

    what do you guys think of this thing?

    I've got a garmin etrex legend that I used on my xr for a while. I got the neoprene case for it, cut some slits in it, and zip tied it to the cross bar pad. It cost me $170 4-5 years ago.
  2. I just stuck a H3 bulb in mine for a while. It was a $3.99 55 watt upgrade... It too lit up the night pretty well.
  3. TomXR400

    How does the xr4 do in the sand?

    if you let it breathe it can... it needs aftermarket exhaust, and hi flow air filter. Wide tires help. this is a case of me not seeing the 2nd and 3rd page
  4. I'm having a strange issue that's similar to this. Every once and a while when I kick my bike the kick starter is stuck. I'll let up one click and it will turn. It has been doing this for approx 2 months, and run for approx 6 hours during that time. I'm about to replace the outside clutch cover, and I'm thinking I may need to tear into it some more to find out what the problem is. Any ideas before I begin?
  5. TomXR400

    2-stroke thing?

    normal... hence, spark arrestors
  6. Has anyone bought any brake rotors off ebay? (the cheap ones) I need a rear and they've got one on there that is 50 bucks and comes with pads. Should I steer clear or does anyone have any experience with them?
  7. sounds like a pinched cable to me
  8. TomXR400

    XR250 Electrical Troubles

    could there be a worn wire that is just barely grounding out? Check around where the wires go into the ignition cover. Check all over.
  9. TomXR400

    Hard to start after fall

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the way I do it... After a fall I pick it up. Turn off the gas. Start it 3-4 kicks vs. 1 when not dumped. Turn the gas back on. This works every time for me, and on every bike I have ever tried it on. It was just a common sense thing for me. It's flooded = too much gas = turn off the gas and start it. (Warm bike only). Is this method bad for the bike?
  10. TomXR400

    xr400 Exhaust

    Quiet core insert on xr's only. ~$35
  11. TomXR400

    Make a motor look like new?

    alumabrite? Spray on / wash off ? Does it get off baked on dirt?
  12. TomXR400

    Headlight not working

    By the way... I don't think the person that suggested the glass lens was saying that it would make your light work again. The advantages of the glass lens is it won't melt with higher watt bulbs and it makes the clarity of the light much better. It may still be a good investment if you ride at night a lot. That H3 bulb made a big difference on my bike. It takes some southern engineering to get it to fit though.
  13. TomXR400

    Headlight not working

    Actually I would go with just stripping the blue wire a little bit and soldering it back to the connection in the socket. As for the tail light check the bulb first. Look at the filament and make sure it is still attached to both poles inside the bulb. I cant see how unplugging or breaking the connection would have done anything major. However if your bulb looks fine get another bulb (1157LL at any auto parts store) just in case. If that doesn't work you can try using a volt meter to check the voltage at the tail light socket. If you still cant get it post back...
  14. TomXR400

    help cure my numb hands!

    First off, if you have stock steel bars. Get aftermarket alum. bars. That made a HUGE difference for me. Also always riding in an attack position helped a lot. Keep your back straight.
  15. The lack of hand guards can let trees get in, and foul you hands...