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  1. So i got this bike from one of my neighbors and it has been sitting in his backyard for 5 years!So i got it for free and the guy left the gas cap off with the fuel on the whole time. So the bike was all gunk up with a bunch of crap and it had no compression. So i rebuilt the top end. Well iran it and it worked fine except the clutch, it worked partially so i thought that it was all gunked up like every thing else so i took off all of the plates and scrubed them and put all of them back on! and now the center of the clutch spins by itself without the outside!! I ran the back and it runs fine but the feakin clutch is messed up! So do you know whats wrong with my clutch?
  2. Yeh it seized, it is a 1989 Yz125, it was a racing bike!!But i got it from one of my neighbors for free but before i got it someone was trying to get it running and ran it with no radiator fluid!!!!!!I was pissed when i found that out so now i am rebuilding the whole top end~~
  3. thanks, yeah i found that out today i am rebuilding the whole top end!!
  4. I have a problem with my bike. My kick start on my bike is frozen and it won't move.I have tried to push start it but it still doesn't do anything so what should i do?