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    need stock parts

    With all the upgrades you guys have done, I'm sure someone is interested. Due to smashed parts on my bike, I'm looking for a right side mirror and a taillight. I hate the giant console TV sized stock taillight but figure it will be a lot cheaper than upgrading to a sleek UFO kit for the moment. Anyways, if you want to clear out that garage space, let me know how much $ you want. Thanks.
  2. deployedjosh

    14/47 sprockets?

    What can I expect with a swap to 14/47 vice the factory 15/44 on a new S model? Incredible low end grunt? Wheelies into 3rd or 4th gear? Top speed of only 65 or so? Thanks!
  3. deployedjosh

    Brand name parts?

    Just a quick question... Is it worth the extra money to order quality sprockets, or will cheap ones work just fine? Seems like a name brand set will run about $90 and a generic one will run about $35. Do you get what you pay for or are you just paying to get the kewl stickers that would come with a name brand set? Either way, I'm stoked that I can "gear down" my bike for less than $100. To do the same with my pickup truck is gonna cost about 10 times as much.
  4. deployedjosh

    14/47 sprockets?

    Thank you very much for the info. This response is exactly what I was looking for. I'll be sure to put this mod at the top of my list. Thanks again!
  5. deployedjosh

    Jet kit apples to oranges?

    Well, I finally got the nerve to do the jet kit thing. I got the Moose/Dynojet kit and it came with several main jets, and recommended a 130. I did the 3x3 airbox mod, but have the stock pipe at the moment. I ride at SL up to about 1500'. Is the 130 good, or do I need the 150? I haven't changed the pilot jet either. Do I really need that 25 pilot jet too? Seems like such a shame that I've got all these useless jets that came in the kit if so. I kinda recall a thread discussing Dynojet and Mikuni jets having different numbering conventions but can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance for the help. I can't wait to ride with the snow melting....
  6. deployedjosh

    quick question

    Is the kickstand switch closed when the stand is up? If so, I can just splice the wires together under the seat to bypass it right? Thanks. Josh