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  1. pil321

    Jumping with a Cross Wind

    i throw my bike into the wind on the face and the wind blows it back to land.
  2. pil321

    KX85 skid plate?

    I find it hard to beleave that no one on here has a skid plate on an 85.
  3. pil321

    saskachewan riders

    hay hondaridercrf450r I ride in Assinaboia Mx track all the time and have on ocasion ridden in willowbunch. It would be nice if someone out there would set up a poker derby bikes could go into, or not, grew up in Rockglen just nice to have some backup about our country side.
  4. pil321

    KX85 skid plate?

    thinking about a skid plate for my sons KX85 mainly so it will sit on the stand straight. Anybody hove one and does it solve this problem?
  5. considering running it in my 450 because of all the good luck you guys are having. my question is will it work in my sons 85 as well? will it work when its really cold?
  6. pil321

    Is a 65 too small?

    If the power of a 125 scares you then maybe you should stick with the play bikes. Cheaper and probably come with some warranty. But do not get a little one, at your size its time to get a mans bike.
  7. pil321

    tameing her down?

    first sugestion buy a honda. L.O.L. Other than that I got nothin.
  8. pil321

    oil screen, any new news?

    I did mine progresively less and less until it just kept coming out clean. It didnt take that long
  9. pil321

    crankcase breather tube

    a certain amount of clutch nose is common and not of great concern, when its making this noise pull the clutch lever in and see if it changes sound. That will tell you if it is the clutch. I've had brand new bikes make clutch noise and the clutch still lasted 2 years. My bike blows some air and a little oil out the crank breather tube also, do a search you will find it is fairly comon among four strokes as long as it is not excessive. excessive is having to add oil to it constantly.
  10. pil321

    saskachewan riders

    Who ever said south sask is bland doesnt know where to look. eli366 is bang on the money. Right from Cornach, Willowbunch area all the way to Glentworth has huge hills (not much busch though). you cant ride the badlands anymore but you can ride all around them. I grew up around Rockglen and most farmers in that area are a little off there rocker and would let you ride on there land if you asked first. Weyburn has an excellent track I hear Estevan is building a new track. Assinibioa has a nice hard pack track. I think Plentywood still has a track and the list goes on.
  11. pil321

    07 KX 450 questions

    just a couple things. 1st you do not have to remove the shift lever to pull the cover, just take out the 8mm bolts push down on the lever as you wiggle the cover off, you do not need to remove the vent tube either if you tip your bike on its side to do this just pull the cover off and flip it towards the front out of your way, next you do not need to pull the flywheel of to get at the pump either. just take the four 8 mm bolts out remove the timing chain guide as it will now be loose( remember how to put it back on ) use a small screwdriver to apply preasure to the pump shaft so it doesnt move and lift the cover off ( I use needle nose pliers to lift the cover ) tada you can now see the oil screen. cleen it and the slot it goes into and reassemble.
  12. pil321

    Is a KX65 a good choice for a 7 year old?

    do it you won't regret it.
  13. pil321

    Has there been any Pinston/Pin Issues on the 07

    thumper 38 what pieces did you need to change to put the 06 pump in an 07 bike? I read a Kawasaki bulliten on the 07 that said piston pins have harder anti gauling surface, small end connecting rod has no oil hole to increase strength, but nothing about the piston itself.
  14. pil321

    Broken foot peg

    I have heard that either the steel pegs on the 06 and 07 kx250f or the steel pegs on the 07 kx450f will fit and are stronger. Havent tried it though maiby someone on here has.
  15. pil321

    my kids new 85

    softening the suspension had crossed my mind, I just figured we would test, set, and break it in first. Thanks