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  1. 50,000 miles, that's impressive you got an odometer to back that up.
  2. Both bikes run great and start really easy, I've got about 7000miles on the 600 and about 5000 on the 400. I got both of them with low hours and original tires etc before I added the street goodies and made them street legal including the speedometer so I pretty much know how many miles are on them.
  3. I got an SDG seat with two gel inserts put in by a buttbuffer dealer(see website under same name) makes a huge difference. I find even 16 42 gearing is pretty sweet on the road also on the 400, if I gear the 600 tall it just never seems happy or as smooth. It seems way happier at 14 45 or 1545 at the most anything more than that and I don't like it.
  4. I have both bikes, plated and set up exactly the same with larger tanks, taller bars, high output stators, and comfy seats etc. Also got extra set of wheels I swap out on both with taller gearing and with 90%/10dirt tires. I don't do much single track with either bike, mostly dirt roads and easy trails. I've did some long days on both (300miles) I just find for me the 400 shines in most areas better. Clutch and tranny always seems smoother (and no it's not just my 600 I 've had 650L's also) and I like the way 400 responds to taller gearing compared to the 600. And the lighter weight and snappiness just seem to make it funner to ride. I ride mostly on secondary roads, but find the 400 runs fine for short jaunts on faster roads. Can anyone relate of course if I posted this in the 600/650 forum I'd get a different answer. I'm consider selling maybe one and would like some input.
  5. Ferdinand

    To cool or not to cool XR650L

    Seems like the xr250/400 coolers would be a better choice for more offroad type riding since they are offroad bikes and the one mounted low would favor mostly street high speed stuff I guess.
  6. Ferdinand

    XR400 Mileage on the street?

    50 mpg maybe for mostly street 16-45, With distanzia tires and 16 43 can get 55+ sometimes, just depends on how heavy the throttle hand is.
  7. Wondering what's the consensus on an oil cooler for the 650L. I've never used one in the past on my 650L's, but have thought about getting one for my newly aquired 650L. Seems like there are quite a few L's with lots of miles on them and no cooler ever used including some of the ones I've owned it the past. Any thoughts?
  8. I've been following these spline threads for some time and I'm confused about what is considered wear? Sometimes the photos are obvious, but I've see quite a few photos of splines that appear fine (I think??) and they are told it is wearing. I'm often looking at the splines on my 600 and trying to figure out what the heck is considered normal wear? Can someone actually point with arrows and show specifically what they mean by wear especially on splines that for the most part appear normal, not the ones where it is obvious.
  9. Ferdinand

    Torn between the R and L

    Sounds like you are describing a 650R. Arm ripping power sorry an L doesn't cut it there (maybe heavily modified) I've had lots of L's and 650 R's and currently ride a plated 600R and if my Transalp sells, I'm probably going to get another 650L so this probably doesn't help you, but I prefer the L, but if you want rediculous power and grin factor better get a 650R
  10. Ferdinand

    XR400 without exhaust tip?

    The jetting was richer on the earlier years 96,97 I believe so jetting shouldn't have been an issue on those years. On the later models, they were much leaner and the exhaust was choked up. If the stock air cleaner and snorkle were never touched should be okay kind of like putting a aftermarket pipe on and not removing the snorkle and and not adding a better flowing air filter and no rejet. And if the hours/miles are fairly accurate.
  11. Ferdinand

    Too much oil, what's the risk?

    When I bought a new 650L a few years back the shop had almost 3 quarts stuffed in there. I didn't find it out until I did my first oil change at about a 100 miles. Wasn't in there long, and didn't have any issues thankfully.
  12. I've done many miles on a 230L. It won't go anywhere in a hurry but it will get you there, great gas mileage and easy bike too maintain.
  13. Just curious did you have any warning signs or symptoms or did it just happen out of nowhere??
  14. +1 I've had lots of 650L's and R's and have to agree:thumbsup: I think it's the best dualsport Honda never built at least in the US
  15. Ferdinand


    Maybe a dr650 if you need to carry a bunch of stuff??? The subframe is kind of weak on the xr's and luggage racks are pretty limited for the 600 especially. Though I use dirtbagz and the top duffle on my 600 and it has worked quiet well. I try not to overload it though.