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  1. dadstoys

    Klx 300 Pumper

    OK. I know this has been posted before. I want to change my carb to a pumper. I hear FCR 35mm and the Mikuni 33mm. Since Planetklx web site is no longer. What mods do I need to know about when I install one of these carbs? Do I need a new throttle cable and tube? What kind of mods do I need to the bike for it to fit? Also what jetting was used? I have already done all the free mods that was available. Any one out there who have done these let me know. Thanks for your help. SAVE CLEAR CREEK:ride:
  2. dadstoys

    Klx 110 starting made easier

    Just Bought my son a Klx 110. He is to light in the butt to kick start it. Any sugestions on how to make it a little bit e-z for him to start it ? I also have him on a heavy weight diet.
  3. dadstoys

    KLX 110 owners, would you do it again?

    Just bought a KLX 110 for my son on Friday the 6th for 1750 otd from East Bay Motorsport. Upgraded my son from a ttr-50. He loves it and the size is good for him at 7yrs.
  4. dadstoys

    crf50 vs ttr50

    I bought my son a TTR-50e for his first bike 1 year ago. He loved it and the e-start comes in handy when he stalls it on the trails. I would rather have him enjoy the ride instead on being tired from kicking it over. I've upgraded the handle bars with the GYTR kit and also installed the heavier spring. I recommend this bike for the kids. Lots of upgrades can be done on it. My son is already looking forward toward the klx110 by this summer.
  5. dadstoys

    klx 300 question

    I did a some mods to my KLX. Re-jetted. Procircuit 496. 12t front and 52t rear sprocket. The most expensive part was the pipe. After all my mods the bike runs completely different.
  6. dadstoys

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Newark/ Bay Area
  7. dadstoys

    05 KLX300 Plastics

    Sorry about that Kawi has it listed as an engine shroud. It can be called a radiator or engine shroud.
  8. dadstoys

    05 KLX300 Plastics

    Was wondering if anybody knows where I can get an engine shroud for the KLX300 ? Every where I look nobody sells after market plastics for this bike. Is there another model I can use ?
  9. Need help. Just got the bike out after a month sitting, now the bike won't idle and it smells like raw fuel comming out of the exhaust. white smoke also. Can get bike to start and after i shut it off can not get it to start again until it sits and cools down. Last rode it memorial weekend at Forset Hill. Any ideas on the cause. Thanxs Scott