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    Newbie XR650L help needed. Thanks

    I rode it on the hwy this evening. I was cruising along at 65-70 getting used to it. I got up to about 70 and decided to see how much power it has at highway speed. I gave it some more throttle but it didn't feel like it had too much left to offer. Does this sound right to you guys? I rode it for about an hour around the country roads I live on and it runs fine. It just didn't have much left at 70MPH. I figured it would snap me a little if I juiced it going 70. Maybe it's normal since I don't know what to expect. Also, how can you tell if an air cooled bike is getting hot? I could feel some heat around my knees and legs but I think it's normal for this type of motor. Most of my riding today was spent at 50MPH in 4th and 5th. Sometimes 5th seemed to low and lugged so I kept the RPMs up a little in 4th. Thanks for your help. joe
  2. Hi guys-- I just bought an 01 XR650L and I love it. It was well maintained and very clean. The only mod has been a Cobra Model 30 Exhaust and the removal of some sort of airbox restrictor plate. Everything else is stock. The bike runs okay. It backfires a little on downshifting(nomal??) and runs good. It doesn't scare the heck out of though when I get on the gas. Any advice on what I need to do or buy to mak ethis bike run a little better would be appreciated. I'm guessing air filter and rejetting is in order but I know zilch about these things. Should I leave it alone because it's fine or does it need tweaked. Thanks for any advice you guys can give. joe