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  1. upchurchmusic

    ATTN KLX 450 owners, what did you pay OTD??

    Talladega Cycle Sales, in Alabama has several in stock and they are selling them for $6750.00 OTD. There a Team Green dealer and MX friendly. The bike is awesome.
  2. upchurchmusic

    Pro Circuit link adjustments?

    I am running Enzo suspension and the Ride 22mm clamps with stock tires and she corners great. Plenty of front end traction, no pushing. I am going to try the Bridgestone 410A and 402A this weekend. Should be an improvement. I didnt like the PC link on my 06, it lowered the rear and took more bite out of the front end.
  3. upchurchmusic

    2007 kxf 450 pipe??

    Two Brothers does make a great pipe for the KX450, I had one on my 06 and it was awesome. The carbon was flimsy after a season of racing but still together. There was a shoot out last year on pipes for the 450 and the TBR rated very well as did the DR.D (my choice for 07). As far as "race-cred", thats B.S. "race-cred" = advertising dollars that is added to the price of the pipe. It is not common for a "race team" to race the pipes we can buy. They have several to choose from and they pick the one the rider likes best for a particular track and/or motor mod.
  4. upchurchmusic

    Putting On Graphics

    i have installed a lot of graphics, i dont recommend windex under any circumstance. It destroys the glue. Try "sticker on" it really works well and of course a hair dryer. I like to heat up the graphic before installing, most graphics require a little stretching to fit without bubbles. If you need graphics, Don at pro graphx does a killer job (22ml vinyl) and he does some cool custom stuff.
  5. upchurchmusic

    Triple camps

    I bought a 22mm offset from Ride Engineering and it works great on my 07. Those guys really gave me a great deal since they had one with a cosmetic flaw. At the time I was going for the RG3 and they were not available. I had ENZO do my suspension and it is kinda stiff and with the reduced offset it really turns when i want it too. Not like my 2006 at all.
  6. upchurchmusic

    Suspension Help

    Hey Shumate, Glad to hear you and your dad are riding your bikes. There are a couple of good suspension guys here in Alabama. Steve Hollingsworth from Fastlap and Johnny Borders from Renegade. Johnny did my 06 and after a couple of tries (his first kx450) he got it working really good. Before Johnny I tried just changing springs and it helped the front but really makes the valving issue in the rear worse. Steve has also done a good many KXF's including several 07's. He is working with our race team this year and would help you guys out on pricing. I think either of these guys would be a great choice because they can provide a personal level of service that a big shop cant. I know Steve is closer to you currently and Johnny is staying over in Atlanta with his son Chase who was injured pretty badly at Monster Mtn. last year. If you are going to do it yourself the Race Tech stuff is really good but pricey. If you are dong yourself make sure you grease all your linkage, swingarm and steering head bearings while you have her torn down. I also recommend replacing your fork bushings and seals if taking them apart to change springs and valving. Also remember Steve is attending most of the arenacrosses and Alabama State Races this year to help dial in and service his customers. To me this really makes a difference. Give me a call if you have any further questions. Jason
  7. upchurchmusic

    450f and 250f graphics interchangable?

    I doubt they do. Event though the shrouds look similar they are different. The number plates will interchange but they look different.
  8. upchurchmusic

    Lets see your 07's!

    My dealership in Talladega, Alabama is due to get one on friday. The warehouse in savannah has had them all week but had some shipping problems. I assume the dealers west of the mississippi already had them.
  9. upchurchmusic

    Motor Going Bad...

    My two cents.... I have #2269 got it on the team green demo program in October, rode or raced every weekend til late April. Tore down the top end and the piston and rings measured out fine, cylinder looked great and the piston pin didnt have any noticeable wear. Replaced with new Kawasaki parts and have about 20 hours since and all is well. I still have not required a valve adjustment. My dealership (Talladega Cycle Sales, Alabama) has sold 10 KX450F's and no one has had any problems or even needed valve adjustments. I did check my screen in January and found very little debris. I did replace my clutch plates and installed the PC springs and she is pulling hard.
  10. upchurchmusic

    Best KLX 110 Pipe?

    I own Talladega Cycle Sales in Alabama. I have sold several brands over the years and the Two Brothers pipe is the most popular and I own one myself and really like it. Good sound and power.
  11. upchurchmusic

    klx110 forks, what other forks are compatible.

    I have been looking at some of the standard fork options. The kx60 seems to be pretty popular. I was just wondering if anyone had tried forks off a different bike. i.e. Thumpstar, SDG, kx65 etc... Thanks Jason
  12. I have seen forks for sale for kx65's, and thumpstar has nice set of upside down forks for sale. Does anybody know what forks will work with a stock klx110 frame.
  13. upchurchmusic

    pipe shootout?

    I have had the two brothers carbon fiber system on my bike for several months and it is nice bottom to top. It is a little loud but really works. Although if i had it to do over i would go with the dr.d full stainless system. It is easily the best bang for the buck and probably one of the best performing pipes on the market. The only thing it lacks is bling.
  14. upchurchmusic

    Rear Tire

    i have swapped to a 110 19" rear tire and an 80 21" front and the bike turns much better. I feel more comfortable leaning the bike over and its seems to flow through turns much better.
  15. upchurchmusic

    Seized motor-month old

    I am curious about the condition of the oil pump scavenge screen, it is located behind the flywheel under the left hand engine cover. I have several friends also with the KX450F and they have had large amount of silicone blocking this screen. Mine is #002269 and with over 25 hours it is still running strong and pulling holeshots.