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  1. Squirrel RJ

    What did you pay for your fifty?

    Do you have a site or phone number for this dealer? i'm interested in buying a couple more just to turn aroun and sell them..
  2. Squirrel RJ

    What did you pay for your fifty?

    Is there a need for that many fifty's on the floor, let alone that many in the warehouse??
  3. picked up an 06' today for $1000 out the door, just curious if this is a good deal or not...
  4. Squirrel RJ

    Little brothers moto injury

    You had to be airlifted to the hospital for that?
  5. Squirrel RJ

    Real Or Fake

    I was talking about the tires, they are clearly spraypainted.
  6. Squirrel RJ

    Real Or Fake

    it's clearly spraypaint.
  7. Squirrel RJ

    My own motivational poster

    haha, send me a pic and i'll make you your own..
  8. Squirrel RJ

    graphic choice

    If you like the graphics, get them, don't worry about other people's opinions or criticism.
  9. Squirrel RJ

    My own motivational poster

    The bike was fine, the rider took a hit to his ego, though.
  10. Squirrel RJ

    My own motivational poster

    It wasn't too bad, just hit the berm going too fast.
  11. Squirrel RJ

    wheelies and burnouts

    Are you people preachers or bike riders? All it is on this site is whining and complaining and bashing... get off your high horses.
  12. Squirrel RJ

    What is arm pump?

    A basic question for a lot of you, but I haven't been riding long... I've read threads on how to help prevent it, etc.. but none of them really explain what it is, and what causes it?
  13. Squirrel RJ

    motocross training!

    And yet they could both outride anyone on this site... if that's considered embarrasing, sign me up!
  14. Squirrel RJ

    You guys have to see this!!!!

    Nice grammar, did you not make it to the grammar section of your reader?