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  1. buckwheat5679

    HB1515 - Lane splitting

    Here is my letter: Hello From Lewis County, As a long time motorcycle rider, i ask you to pass this bill. As a person that commutes in traffic on northbound I-5 on Sundays, this bill would make me feel safer. I see, when the traffic backs up and slows down on Sundays, most car drivers are on their cell phone while rolling along. I being on my motorcycle stuck along with them have had my share of close calls. When traffic backs up like this I aways try to get in the left hand lane to give myself an escape route. Second when I get stuck in this every Sunday summertime backup, sitting on a motorcycle in 90+ degree heat is very tough. That is not counting being in direct sunlight when temperatures can be 120 degrees. Wearing enough protection to hopefully survive a altercation with a car; the heat can become very unbearable and with very limited routes paralleling I-5, I have to just tough it out in the heat and hope not to get hit by an inattentive car driver. Traffic has just become very bad over the last 15 years on I-5 and something needs to be done to help protect motorcycle riders on the highway. Your help will help us survive traffic accidents. Not helping to pass this will increase our chances of becoming victims and statistics. Please support SB5623 Thanks, While lane sharing would be best, one step at a time works also.
  2. buckwheat5679

    Legislative Thread Index

    Thanks for replaying Tod. To KTT, While your point is valid, I personally have never met a nitwit that took the time to street license their dirt bike and crashed into someone on a dirt road, of for that matter any bike. If you have some data on how many uninsured motorcyclist have crashed into motor vehicles, please share. For me, I license my dirt bike just to connect trails legally and my guess would be the same for the majority of all licensed dirt bikers. I also have a few off the wall bikes that I might ride once or twice a year that I might get up and running on a special weekend and take out for a ride for a 100 miles a year. While I support the state on license tab fees, I feel it would be a disadvantage for me if I decide on a Saturday morning that and I want to take a special bike out for a ride but now I have to think about a $500 ticket if I get busted with no insurance. If the law passes, will strongly consider selling my mostly unused bikes and now the state will not get any tax renew from me at all. I have 6 street licensed bikes and would consider cutting that down to 2. For me, I could not fathom how I could lose all my assists if I hit someone on my non-insured bike. I would think worst case, I die and caused $5k in damages to your truck.
  3. buckwheat5679

    Legislative Thread Index

    Hey Tod, how about some info on how HB 2393 would affect plated bikes that are not insured and require them to have insurance?
  4. buckwheat5679

    Gifford Conditions

    Rode it this last weekend. Though not a not a enjoyable ride on Langille, it give you an unbelievable feel of accomplishment to ride through it. Please bring something to cut the brush back! Just 5 minutes per person would be ha huge help!!
  5. buckwheat5679

    Gifford Conditions

    Has anybody rode this loop this year? It's been 7 years since the last time I rode it because my 2 riding bud's refused to ride it ever again. I got some fresh meat to abuse for this weekend.
  6. buckwheat5679

    NO! on Washington HB1632 (ATV road use)

    Looking this morning it appears it passed yesterday by 39 to 5 and just waiting for the GOV. to sign.
  7. buckwheat5679

    DNR survey on information

    Thanks for the heads up and did the survey.
  8. buckwheat5679

    1999 KTM LC4 640 runs rough. Please Help!

    Pull the carb and clean it. Head over to here for info: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=347184
  9. buckwheat5679

    Windfarms go away

    I forgot to add. If your are a pie chart type of guy, go to: http://www.appanet.org/ and see all kinds of power producing boring stuff.
  10. buckwheat5679

    Windfarms go away

    I'm not a expert in the power field but i do work in Hydroelectric industry in Washington state. I get to go to plenty of meetings about the whole power industry with charts and graphs that I want to puke. Back in 2006 the VOTERS of Washinton approved I-937. Not Obama,Gregoire Democrats or Republicicans brought this opon us, it was the VOTERS. The majority of power in the Northwest is from government owned hydro facilities or known as PUD's. PUD's are not for profit nor are they investor owned. PUD's provide the most cost effective lowest cost electricity available. All the dams that could be built are built in Washington that can provide low cost power. Could you dam off some smaller river for generation? Yes but it is not cost effective. Along comes I-937 that is backed by the greenies and mostly lobbyists for investor/stockholder power producers who can not compete with PUD power pricing. I-937 says that all power producers will buy 15% of their power produced no mater if it cost effective for the consumer or not. Look at who owns the wind farms. All are owned by investor/stockholdes who are under no obligation to hold down costs because they will sell their power produced no matter what and the bottom line is the wind is not 100% relieable. If you dislike wind farms, contact your state representive and get them to list Hydro as a renewable energy.That will stop construction of them. As for energy pricing it like: Hydro,nuclear,coal,gas, wind, solar. For now nuclear is the best bang for the buck if hydro is not available
  11. buckwheat5679

    Gifford Pinchot NF Meetings - BE THERE!

    Just a reminder that qusetionnairs need to be mail in by Dec. 31st.
  12. buckwheat5679

    Gifford Pinchot NF Meetings - BE THERE!

    I went to the meeting in centralia last night and it went pretty much as Kell described in the meeting he went to. The turnout was small; (5 including myself) and I was the only pro-orv voice there, the others were pro-horseback riders. My take on it is that the FS has no money to work with and are looking at closing roads that are deadends or have bridges that need repairs. They also want to see the paper copy of the questionaire, my guess is that the FS knows that less people will take the time to put a stamp on a envelope than e-mail.
  13. buckwheat5679

    riding in the puyallup area

    I used to do some 4-wheelin in that area 33+ years ago when it was in no where land at the end of puyallup raceway. All I can say is PLEASE make sure your bike is QUITE, AND do not tell anybody you are riding there, and that means posting here! There are lots of people who have their little in town riding areas and enjoy them because nobody knows. When you start posting a place to ride, 1) lots of people show up, 2) it gets shut down, 3) there is now more of a stigma of how bad dirt bike riders are. I'm not trying to be an ass, but in my 40 years of riding I can name more areas that have been shutdown than opened.
  14. buckwheat5679

    Suzuki DRZ400s vs KTM LC4 640

    If your bike is as near perfect as you say it is, than you will have to put another $1K into that KTM to get it to where your DRZ is. I bought a 99' 640e last year for $3k that only had 2K mi. on it and it looked like it just rolled out of the factory. For me the stock seat was only good for 20mi. of riding and the 3 gal. tank was too small. I have since changed both and have also replaced the transmission mainshaft bearing that start going bad at around the 5000 mi. mark. With these mods done; if somebody asked me to trade for a DRZ I would say, Hell No.
  15. buckwheat5679

    NW DS ride w/pics

    I just checked out your site; excellent work.