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  1. Anything else I should Order from TT that may fit this live and learn catergory???
  2. yea, sorry for the confusion. late nights these days. Decomp plug on the way. Thanks fella's, have a round on me:) Cheers!
  3. sorry, no pics. no camera. it is right above exhaust gasket..
  4. I noticed my bike leaking oil today on a hot ride. Finally noticed it is coming from a hole right above the intake gasket. What is this hole? Should something be in it? Thanks,
  5. sent them pictures. Said they would send out a new one tomorrow! That means I can ride again!!
  6. not sure wich is wich, but the collar is(was) welded to the pipe. the Flange is not and thats what bolts on(I tightened to specs). I took it all off. You can see the weld and how it broke right around the edge of the weld. WB asked for pics but I dont have a digi right now. ........ More updates soon...
  7. I think your right. not aluminum. looks like stainless. I have a call into them. waiting a call back........
  8. I already sent an emil to WB. It is dented from falling on it.... abused.. maybe. I like to ride as hard as I can. After looking at it I would say it is the weld that made it break. I can weld. But not aluminum so I am thinking worse come to worse take it to a muffler shop and have them weld it back on???
  9. The flange itself is not broken, but that is where it broke. Right where it is welded to the flange.
  10. Okay, I was riding the other day and my header fell off. It broke clean off where it goes into the engine. I can put it back on, but it just wiggles out after a while. I have a 03 wr450. It is an alumimum White Brothers. I just looked and new they are 250 bones. Any one seen this, know of a fix? I cant afford a 250 dollar replacement.
  11. I am looking for places near SLC to ride, one dayer's with the misses. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  12. So I found people use the ttr125le key or crf230 key. Any pros to one over the other? Gonna do this this week.
  13. yea, I want one, Best place to get key?? I have a ttr for my wife I would like to put one on as well. I hear Moab has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. And look forward to freqin there often
  14. Anyone ever put a key on their bike so it cant be easily stolen??
  15. 2003 wr450 white brothers aluminum race series:)