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  1. DFOSide

    San Diego, Good Friday ride

    We're heading to Corral Canyon in the morning, what's the single track pine valley? Might run out of trails without all of CC open.
  2. DFOSide

    Adjusting Rear Spring Tension

    Thanks for all the replies, i'll get out the BFH and give it another try. I really didn't want to pull the shock just to loosen it! I might try PB BLaster too.
  3. OK, bought a new 06 CRF150 for my wife and she's too light for the factory sag - so i bought a wrench without really looking if it would fit while the shock is in place..... So.. I pounded with a screw driver the top ring and it will not budge, sprayed WD-40 and hopped the bike up on a bucket to no avail. Do i really have to pull the whole shock to adjust the tension or at least get the process started? I can't see guessing on the preload without some trial and error.
  4. DFOSide

    02' XR 250 Jetting??

    That's is what i run on my 01 xr250 and it's a good match, i'm running with a Baja Designs tip (stock pipe, but much more open), no snorkel, Unifilter.
  5. Ocotillo Wells (Desert) today, good day of riding, but a bit windy. Bikes running and better yet, started every time! XR250 is a great play bike!
  6. RockyRoad you were right, it was clogged AND there was already a 48 in there. Idles better then ever (it was in need of a valve job) and carb cleaning. Thanks to all for the advice, i was able to finagle the bowl off by rotating 1/3 of the way. I guess i thought it would not idle at all if it was clogged (rookie mistake).
  7. Ah crud, the honda part number for the 48 slow jet is not available locally (99103-437-0480) so now i need the carb type because they might have third party and i'd like to get today at lunch but if i have to pull it tonight i guess i will.
  8. I have a 135 main, that one is super easy to change out! That helped a ton after the mods... The manual only gives that small number like you said for CA main jets. I'm betting it's a bit small to say the least.
  9. Rotate it, or get a small screw driver in there to unscrew (i'll bet they're phillips at this point), i had a hard time adjusting the air fuel screw in that tights a space, guess back to the tool shop for those screw drivers that have that angle (darn, more tools!).
  10. Wonder if i can get to the pilot without removing the carb? I'll do a search, but if i can just rotate a bit i'd rather not disconnect it all!
  11. I'll stop by my local Honda dealer and perhaps start by going up to a 48, seems to be the concensus where most end up. This is or rather was a CA bike so i'm not even sure how small the pilots are with that level of smog requirement. I'll follow up if that's it. Thanks for the couple of replies, much appreciated.
  12. Starts fine with choke, warms up fine idles correctly and all. After fully warmed up, it will NOT start without putting the choke in the full up position. Has full gordon mods (minus the header grinds) and up the main jet to compensate for more air flow. Here's what i've done thus far. Clean Air Filter (Unifilter) New Plug, checked for proper gap - .035 Adjusted valves - .004 intake .005 exhaust ... this smoothed out the idle! played with the air fuel mixture - not much change there. Following the starting procedure i just cannot get it to kick over without turning on the choke (full up). After the initial rev, drop the choke and it idles fine. Any ideas? Change the pilot jet?
  13. DFOSide

    Gotta unload my TTR230 pretty much right now

    I'll hit you private email, i'm in O'side