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  1. For what it's worth: https://thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/2747-seat-concepts-ktm-17-excsxxcwxc-tall-complete/
  2. Time Left: 2 hours and 46 minutes

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    Complete Seat Concepts tall seat for KTM 17-18 EXC/SX/XCW/XC Gripper top, carbon fiber sides and black stitching. Near-new condition (10.8 hrs), no rips, tears, holes or abrasions. Logo patch removed. Ended up a little too tall for me (32" inseam). $200 shipped within CONUS.


  3. 15 mpg? That blows. I am thinking about getting a '12 but the short legs on this bike have me hesitating.
  4. What kind of MPGs are you guys getting out of your 200s?
  5. I'm working on setting up my rig (crf250x) for a Cabo run w/ BBM; should I ditch the Rekluse? Other than that and a KW valve job I'm OEM mechanically.
  6. How did you secure the electronics bundle and route the tube for the overflow tank? Was there enough room behind the fender?
  7. AFAIK, UFO is the only current manufacturer of white side panels and fenders. Try crfsonly.com or motosport. The 250x aftermarket seems to be on the wane these days.
  8. I removed the HS cable and lever and installed a pull knob at the carb that operates just like the choke. There's no way to make this not sound bad, but now it's second nature to reach down and pull it out.
  9. I installed a yzf choke-pull on my hot start: freed up real estate on my bars, lost weight and clutter, works fine for the amount of use it gets.
  10. I'm done preaching--enjoy the butt raping, soon enouh you'll be on the receiving end.
  11. People like you keep people like me employed. I wish I could be thankful, but the world would really be better off with fewer attorneys and the douches that create the demand for them. I'm willing to bet that your "maintenance" is to blame. The fair way out of this is to buy the bike from your cousin for the value as it was before the engine seized (he's likely to be generous with you). You can then fix it, sell it as a mechanic's special or part it out. If you cheat your cousin, he'll remember it the rest of his life and so will you. You stand to lose $1k here--nobody's good name is worth ruining for that kind of money.
  12. WR250R is what you need if you want a light-weight, bare-minimalist adventure bike. Service life on valves is 32,000/km IIRC. Hard to beat a DRZ for what you are proposing though.
  13. Perhaps I'll experiment with the engagement rpm and hardness settings to see if it lessens this characteristic. My old z-start was easier to shift--i.e. I'd be charging up a hill a gear too high and could downshift under load without having to let off the throttle and lose momentum. At any rate I'm satisfied with my Rekluse, but its too bad their only competitor is packing it in. From the consumer side, no market functions properly with just one participant.
  14. I have just finished a rather lengthy reconditioning of my 06 crf250x. As part of the rebuild I added a Rekluse Z-Start Pro. I opted to completely remove the clutch lever, cable etc. The Rekluse is working (grabs hard and at low RPM). The problem is that it takes a lot of force to shift (up or down) when the RPMs approach mid-level and above. The result is that I can barely shift without letting off the throttle. At reduced RPM the shifts are smooth and easy. I used the first version of Rekluse's autoclutch on my 2002 crf250r back in the day. That version of the Rekluse had a simple external adjuster that held the clutch actuator (lever the clutch cable attaches to just above the flywheel cover). This latest version of the Rekluse has no such hardware. At any rate, I'm wondering if the hard shifts are related to there being no tension at all on the clutch actuator. The instructions to the Z-Start Pro clearly indicate that you can remove the clutch cable as an option. Any thoughts or suggestions? Background: - I've successfully installed a Rekluse before. - My clutch basket was near-new (no notches). - The clutch plates were within spec (measured each w/ micrometer). - I'm using the recommended Rotella oil. - I followed the break-in procedures. - The gaps are within spec. - The setting profile is hard engagement low RPM. - The clutch lever and cable have been removed.
  15. You can short the switch. Rekluse kits come with a little Radio Shack style fitting that accomplishes this. It's worth noting that the switch serves a purpose; to prevent damage to the starter and more importantly to prevent the unintentional hole shot in your garage.