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  1. joelj

    TTR 125le sticking front brake

    Sorry for the long delay in replying. Here's an update. I have disassembled it completely, cleaned it, and replaced the caliper seals as well as the master cylinder piston/seals. It now seems less frequent but it still happening! I think that maybe I should replace the copper washer/seals. Maybe some air is getting in? The only hydraulic part left is the hose. Could it somehow be causing a problem?
  2. joelj

    TTR 125le sticking front brake

    Thanks everyone! I am going to start by rebuilding the caliper. I had already taken it apart and cleaned it with brake cleaner.
  3. joelj

    TTR 125le sticking front brake

    My daughter's ttr125 has been giving me trouble the last 2 trips. All of a sudden the front brake started sticking. Not rubbing a little and not completely locked up but almost. When it happens she has to stop and I open the bleed on the caliper and it's fine again for a while. I found the front wheel a little loose and tighhtened it. I cleaned and flushed the entire system. I had a little trouble bleeding it but finally got it to work and when I went to move it in the trailer, it wass stuck without even any use! I can't tell if the pressure is building from the master cylinder or the caliper. Should I just rebuild both? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks, Joel
  4. I have it all fixed now. It's registered, insured and I've been riding it around. I fixed the carb by doing a complete disassembly, soaking the body for 48 hours, the parts for 24 hours, rinsing and blowing out with compressed air, then running appropriate sized wire through all holes and ports. And, I finally got a wiring diagram and the wiring is clean, neat and all squared away. All I need now is to figure out how to install passenger footpegs. Any ideas? There are no bosses so I could use clamp-on but I haven't seen any with a big enough clamp. I'm willing to weld on bosses if that's the only answer.
  5. Well, I did a preliminary check on the kill switch and I definitely have a short in the ignition so I will pull it all apart in the next few days. I first thought the switch was bad but I disconnected the wires and was still reading a ground short. I have had the tank on and off several times and maybe I shorted something in that giant harness. I may see if I can simplify the wiring while I'm at it.
  6. Thanks, I bought the CD manual on e-bay the other day but it will probably take a while to get to California from the UK. I will not be using it much at night as well but I need the lights to work. I thought about the kill (stop) switch and thought maybe I should take it apart and test it. It does seem like there are a lot of extra wires in the harness that aren't being used but I was just trying to get it running again without a huge project. Do you know how to test the rectifier? Should it run without it? As far as the Carb issue goes, I just think that it just wasn't clean enough. I stripped it down completely, soaked the body in carb cleaner for 48 hours, the parts for 24 hours, rinsed it out with water and blew it dry with compressed air and it seems fine. It still "hunts" very slightly say between 1000 and 1200 RPM but thats pretty normal. It does not stick at 2000 - 4000 RPM anymore.
  7. Hello, I purchased the Bike from Ray. I sorted out the carburetor OK and I was riding it around the neighborhood today (not registered yet) and I was quite pleased with he way it ran. However, the turn signals weren't flashing so when I brought it home, I left it running and started to mess with the wiring to look for a short. It seemed like they would work when the llight switch was on but not with it off. Strange! Anyway, it was idling for a while and all of a sudden it revved up a little and died. Like a 2 stroke running out of gas. Now it doesn't have spark. Any ideas? What the heck is the "rectifier" for? I thought rectifiers converted AC to DC. I do not have power to the points and I think that Ray put them in recently.
  8. joelj

    69 ct 90 just stopped running

    Thanks guys. I dont think it's the battery but I do think it's fuel delivery. I will try cleaning all the ports and checking for other clogs. The float bowl was full when I took it apart.
  9. I recently got my hands on this bike and it was not running. I drained out the varnished gas, disassembled and soaked the carb, replaced the plug, changed the oil, charged the battery and it fired right up. I rode it around the neighborhood some until it was registered then I rode it to work. During lunch I was running errands and it stalled at a stop sign. I kicked started it and continued to the next stop sign where it stalled again. I have not been able to start it since. It seems to have spark and compression so I assumed it was the carb so I took it apart and cleaned it, especially the pilot jet. Still won't start. Any ideas? Maybe not enough spark? New points? Thanks, Joel:bonk:
  10. joelj

    Mikuni 10F01-50 needle

    Thanks everyone! Don't get me wrong, I only ride with the kids occasionally, most of the time I'm on the throttle and I'm happy. I just like to tinker and try to get it perfect. I don't really have much decel popping, it does make sense to seal the exhaust. I have some of the high temp silicone, I may try that.
  11. joelj

    Mikuni 10F01-50 needle

    I have the 2004 tc-450 and I have read about the needle here in this forum. I ride mostly sea level desert here in so. CA and I'm looking to improve the low speed rideability. This means being able to ride with the kids without being on and off on the throttle. I have upped the low speed jet to a 35, raised the needle 1 notch and taken the preload out of the accelerator pump. I still have a little "poppong" on decel but as I have read, a larger main might solve that. Is the jet kit no longer available? I do not know Tasky's but I searched the internet and found them. I will contact them. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get this? Or at least the Husky part #. I went to my local dealer and he can't figure it out without the Husky #. I also e-mailed Sudco and they said they could not get it. Help!
  13. joelj

    Mikuni TMR 41

    Thanks anyway. Just trying to save some burnt flesh.
  14. I was wondering if the extended fuel mixture screw for the BSR 36 would work on the TMR 41? If not, is there one available for it?