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  1. banks357

    What engine is this?

    FYI, All motorcycles are listed in the USDMV database using the VIN # AND ENGINE #. If the donor bike was reported stolen it will show this when the engine # is run through the system. The DMV will run it. Sounds like you bought it from a reliable source so you should worry...Good luck
  2. banks357

    so i was doing 47mph in a 25....

    Your post doesn't read like your complaining (too much) but your not being very greatful. Be glad you got a fix-it ticket, that cop saved you big bucks. Don't fight it, you'll lose and it will cost you more $$$. Hear in Ca. as with most states, the cop doesn't need a decible meter reading to beat you in court. The standard is loud and unreasonable as compared to similar vehicles. And yes, a motorcycle is a vehicle. You should also consider the impact loud bikes are having on our sport and keep it corked up. I'm sure with the cork in you can still go 47 in a 25. Also you didn't say if it was a polite incounter but I'm sure it was your attitude toward him that kept you from getting the speeding ticket...Trust me on this one. For anyone that doesn't think Harley riders get a lot of loud pipe tickets, go to one of their forums, that should change your mind...Happy Riding
  3. banks357

    I must be the shortest DRZ owner here...

    I'm 5'10" and 220 pds, my 30" inch inseam made my S mdl a tip toe balancing act. I went with the corbin seat and now can comfortably get the balls of both feet on the ground. The corbin is also way more comfortable than the stock or the gel seat. the price is step but worth it.
  4. banks357

    My ASS Hurts

    I have a Corbin for my S mdl. best move I made. I love the seat. Still maintains the norrow seat/tank juncution but wide and comfy out back for the long rides. In the end, pun intended, its all about what you like. Good luck
  5. banks357

    Looking for lowering link

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I spend most of my time in the DRZ400 forum. I'm buying a TTR125LE for my growing son. the LE is still a little tall but I want him to have the better susp and front disk of the LE. anyone know of a lowering link for the LE...??? Thanks in advance.
  6. banks357

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Glad to hear it. I've got 17 yrs in. I worked the "Looks good on TV" jobs until the knees went. Enjoy your retirement. I know you earned it!
  7. banks357

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I'm in the "Don't want you until I need you but then your never around, I pay your salery" field of public service. And no, I'm not bitter. Actually, most of the people I deal with are glad to see me. I don't write traffic tickets. I investigate property crimes.
  8. banks357

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    paroloe officer.....cop here...
  9. banks357

    Quiet power

    Thanks to all for your responses, I'll let you know what I end up doing and the results...
  10. banks357

    Quiet power

    I'm looking for an exhaust system for my 06 S mdl. I want to improve low to mid range power and do it with the quietest system available. Anyone have any suggestions and noise numbers for the systems available.
  11. banks357

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Spares are good to have but be careful, I had a spare girlfriend once, didn't work out well.
  12. banks357

    A heated debate!

    The best DRZ totally depends on what you want to do with it. For me, the S is best. I ride/live in the So. Cal high desert. Which means, lots of fire service roads (where being street legal is mandatory), rock, sand and around town. Pick your riding preference then pick your bike, you'll be happier in the long run. As proven with races against my brother, my yellow is consistantly much faster than his blue. The Suzuki blue paint must add 20 pounds (ha ha ha).
  13. banks357

    Killing the fuel

    Don't just drain the tank/bowl. After you drain the tank. mix the required amout of gas and stabilizer in your gas jug then fill the tank on your bike. Then go for one last ride of the season. When you return, top off the tank and drain the float bowl. You want to keep the tank topped off to prevent rust. Also, don't forget your battery, keep it on a maintanace charger. One more thing, spray some fogging oil down the spark plug hole and blip the starter a couple of times.
  14. banks357

    Naked Swingarm! Need Ideas...

    This may not be the coolest Idea but with safety in mind, I put red reflective tape on both sides. I used 200 MPH tape sold at Walmart and everywhere else. It looks pretty good as it highlights nicely with the red S symbols in the factory graphics. Most importantly, makes me much more visible when returning from those late rides.
  15. banks357

    Stupid-Rookie's Oil Change tutorial

    Nice article, the oil screen info needs to be included for the first change. Also, just a thought, I saturate the new filter with NEW oil when i install it. I believe this helps reduce the time the engine goes without oil as the filter gets wet. It may not but it makes me feel better:ride: