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  1. If you need a plate message me, or buy one from me on Ebay. I have both the M and the L plates now. I have sold well over 100. No complaints or returns, just happy customers.
  2. To update anybody looking for a stronger plate for there frc carb, I have sold more than 50 of them in the last few years with great success. I haven't had one break. I am looking for a used M model plate to replicate in my stronger design. Please let me know if you have one, or have the ability to measure things accurately and want to share.
  3. kieethes

    Thinking between

    I ride a KLR650. I am 6'4", and regularly wonder how people that are a mm shorter can touch the ground while seated. Go with the DRZ400 or the older DR350. They have parts available, and maybe you can find a bike with a aftermarket large fuel tank already installed.
  4. kieethes

    Did a dumb thing while changing oil today

    You'll need to keep a daily dose going from now on so you don;t get withdrawal symptoms.
  5. kieethes

    Weight issues

    Like previously posted. Eat breakfast every morning. Something with a lot of complex carbs and low sugar. Eat again every 2 hours, and stay away from high sugar foods. Never stop moving around. If you refuse to quit watching TV (which is a fat maker) stand in front of it and do jumps, push ups, and whatever else keeps the butt off the COUCH!!!
  6. kieethes

    Can I reduce wieght 2004 yz450f?

    Machined hubs are stronger, but the weight is fairly similar. I would recommend working out, like others said, and devoting a part of each ride to slow speed balance and precision. Doing this stuff gets your body in tune with your bike, so you can work together.
  7. kieethes

    What brand bike do you ride?

    1 Kawasaki, Yamaha x 2
  8. kieethes

    How to Convert to 12v

    I am going to do this conversion, and plan to follow these directions for my 76 xt500. Do I hook the wires coming out of the stator to the yellow wires on the regulator separately. ie.. one yellow wire gets one stator wire or do I connect both stator wires together and attach those to the two yellow regulator wires hooked together. I have always been a little slow when it comes to wiring. I would love to see that wiring diagram re drawn to include the regulator. Any takers?
  9. kieethes

    89 XR250 ignition failure possibly

    I just took the carb apart, soaked it, and blew out all the passages. I could clearly see through each jet and even ran a wire through the pilot jet, even though it looked very clean. I reinstalled it , and it still does the same. I am going to see about getting a used carb. There must be a chunk stuck in it some where or something. Anyone have thoughts?
  10. kieethes

    89 XR250 ignition failure possibly

    OK, Ill tear it apart here in the next couple days and really look it over again.
  11. I have an 89 xr250 that acts like it has a plugged main jet. It idles beautifully and will come off idle ok, but when I go full throttle it cuts out. If I put the choke at half setting, it will rev out to full throttle. I had the carb apart 4 times and cleaned it over and over thoroughly. I have good confidence in my carb skills and my ability. I really don't know where to go from here. Can the CDI or coil be cutting out when full throttle is applied? I always thought a coil or CDI worked or didn't. I also pulled the air inlet tube and muffler off to see if they were causing a restriction. The vents lines are clear as well. any thoughts?
  12. I recently acquired a 1976 xt500. The rear fender is broke out where the old tail light was mounted. I had this same problem with my 79 sp370. Is there a universal plastic rear fender, preferably with tail/brake and turn signals built in, available. I don't want to buy a fender and have to do a back yard "make it fit" job. I am curious if any one has comments about the fit and function of the Clarke brand plastic fuel tank. The one I found is 3.5 gal. Has any one seen a larger plastic tank available?
  13. I still have a few machined plates left, and I'm willing to have more made, if any one is interested. They work great. I sold a few to a TT member last month, and heard no complaints. I ran one of my plates for over a year. I took it out to check for wear or defects. It looks very nice. There is only normal wear at the points where it touches the carb casting. These plates are a great answer to the breakage problem. The Edelbrock carbs are sweet, but cost an arm, leg and left goody. I also don't know if you need to buy different cables or air boots to make them fit. Here is the link to some photos. http://www.photolava.com/code/9j1g,9j1h,9j1i,9j1j,9j1k,9j1l.html
  14. Mine is a 1998 WR 400 FK it had a lot of miles on it when I bought it, and I put a lot of miles on it myself. I take it to the dunes at Florence, OR 6 times a year, which is really hard on parts. My second plate only took a year to break, and I don't ride every weekend.
  15. After breaking my throttle plate twice I decided to have my own plates made through a performance parts machining outfit. The new style plate that is in my 98 WR 400 has lasted a year without a problem. I had a few extra made and I am willing to sell them to anyone wanting a better part in there bike. I am tired of those stock plates going through my engine. One actually made it into my muffler. It is all balled up from the heat. My bike does not back fire either, and is completely stock, and still broken plates, except for my new one.