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  1. 04450wrF


    its called humour, its just a shame you have to go back 500 pages to find it.
  2. 04450wrF

    1st Valve Check Report

    so this is true then? "in spec is in spec. the tighter they are, the more power you make!" just answer YES or NO so just yes or no....ok? and why again was Indy not chiming in? interesting thread, says more about the individuals than the country they represent, dont you think?.... or dont you think?
  3. 04450wrF

    Anyone running hotcam 4044-1E in their WR450F?

    yeah mate, you should stick with the genuine stuff, wont wreck ya valves, YZ cam is the way to go i've heard of bikes self igniting and exploding and causing famine, pestilence and the black plague when they use aftermarket stuff. not tryin to scare ya, just thought i should let ya know.
  4. 04450wrF

    Wanted: Bars higher and farther forward!

    do you think freedom of speech covers good ol fashioned income protection? go through the available products on TT and any that arent already being sold here, feel free to mention. other than that, expect to be shut down.
  5. 04450wrF

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    what is there to attack? u say you dont like little tank which is same size. 50 miles return is 80km then say no one get 100 miles.??? do you ride around truck for 50 miles MATH? and not yamaha fault you ride with heels on. maybe take up trials riding. not that there anything wrong with that..... my word you are sensitive, sure you not gay, gun boy.
  6. 04450wrF

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    ha sounds like you say he is gay has gun and camo gear on, high possibility
  7. you can get some good big bore information on this site http://www.powroll.com/P_YAMAHA_YZFWR426F.htm
  8. 04450wrF

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    one of these days, yamaha is going to realize that the offroad guys DONT LIKE the same stuff that the bling bling MX and SX guys like. i have no use for shiny AL frames and tiny gas tanks and pointy fenders. then why so many try to make wr go like yz? maybe yamaha should call you for help with 08 model
  9. 04450wrF

    1/8 sputtering? i am crying for help

    checked for condensation/water in the fuel? don't laugh......