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    Why trucks

    Americans drive big trucks because we can. Life isn't always about being pratical. And I wish you posters would stop fawning over europe. Ohhh the europeons are so advanced look at the MPG they get...wowwww. Have you ever been there? I have, many times, and they are basically driving go-karts. Which is really fun for the first 20 minutes. But try a 2 hour trip in a 5 seater which has less than half the interior space of my F250. You end up stopping at a gas station every half hour to stretch your legs and take a break whether you need gas or not. No Thank You.
  2. Viper1101

    6.4 Powerstroke

    The twin turbos eliminates 'turbo lag' the smaller one spools up quicker as you hit the gas pedal. I was part of a focus group that got to test drive an '08 6.4 PSD with and then without a 10,000 lb trailer attached. Pros of the '08 No turbo lag, power is smooth and instantly available. Quiet, you can actually talk to someone next to the motor, while it's running. Softer suspension, rides like a cadillac. Easier ride but loses some road feel. Cons of the '08 Even though I love Ford trucks and own several I would wait until '10 model year so all the bugs can be worked out.