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  1. So I just finished building the bike and put it back together. It ran fine when I used it as a dirt bike last year and since then all I have done is put on the Yosh full exhaust, high comp 13:1 piston, and check the valves to see that they were in spec. It also has a K&N air filter and the airbox is cut...alot. I am getting popping on accel and decel and the header is turning red. Here is the video. It is an 03. http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v1/yF/r/pPsr9_mXmY6.swf?v=1965568584833&ev=0
  2. csmutty

    Rocky Hill, Ct

    Post whore.
  3. csmutty

    Rocky Hill, Ct

    Yea that really sucked. I was one of the ones waiting to get on 84! It still only took me an hour and 5 minutes to get home though, so it wasn't that bad. Hey if you decide to do the mx school that you told me about in 2 weeks on Monday let me know and I will do it too.
  4. csmutty

    Rocky Hill, Ct

    The traffic wasn't bad at all. The track was pretty rutty at first but got better later in the day. It was nice meeting you and Bryan.
  5. csmutty

    Paking Lot Pitbike?

    Would you guys recommend the sikk bikes too?
  6. csmutty

    Paking Lot Pitbike?

    If I had money for one from pitster I would def go for it... I just put a good chunk of cash into my rm so im short there:thumbsdn:
  7. csmutty

    Paking Lot Pitbike?

    My budget is about something like 900. And it would be nice if it was a manual...they are soo much easier to use.
  8. csmutty

    Paking Lot Pitbike?

    What is the best pit bike do you guys think for parking lot riding. I am looking to get one to ride with my neighbor and his friends in a parking lot. My neighbor has both a ttr125l and a 2 klx 110's. I do not have a whole lot of money so what do you think would work best? Oh and btw they will be getting supermoto tires.
  9. I don't think this applies to the pro ranks. Just the amateurs.
  10. csmutty

    Getting My Money BACK!!!

    Like his parents will be any better:bonk:
  11. csmutty

    How many bike have you owned?

    1987 Honda XR100R 2004 Honda CRF230F (current) 2000 Kawasaki KDX200 (current) 1968 Rokon Trailbreaker (current) 1974 Honda MT250 (current) 2003 Suzuki RM125 (current) I have all of the bikes finally paid off except for the RM. I still owe my dad 200 on the rm.
  12. csmutty

    125 or 250?

    I would go with a 125. I was going to get a 250 pinger and I tried my cousins and it was just too much for me. BTW I am 5'10" and 135 pounds. I got a rm125 and love it. It has a good amount of bottom end and screams up top. I have ridden a yzf250 and it was really to be honest boring to ride. It had power but it wasn't fun to ride at all. There is nothing like hitting that powerband on a 125. Also used 125's are going for really cheap right now. I got an 03 rm125 that was ported and had lots of other upgrades for 1600. And it needed nothing. So this is only my opinion but I would go with the 125. But you should really ride both kinds of bikes before you buy.
  13. csmutty

    2 stroke is not dead yet

    That was absolutely sick.
  14. csmutty

    fox gear

    I actually love that gear. I have wanted some for a long time.