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  1. So, how dirty was the screen when you got it out? Did it need cleening?
  2. walshy

    I just rode next to a stock DR650....

    You wouldn't get this crap in the Yamaha forum!!!!
  3. walshy

    I just rode next to a stock DR650....

    Ban all Aussies I reckon! Bunch of inbred, troublemaking, bickering wannabees! I've been reading querty's posts for years, seems fair dinkum to me!!!!!
  4. walshy

    What clutch kit

    03450, due for clutch kit! What do you guy's recommend? Is there an advantage in going aftermarket? I've heard that some of the non genuine ones are a bit suss! What do you guys reckon?
  5. walshy

    New Clutch> 03WR450

    Well the old girl is in her sixth year of operation, on the original clutch! No problems at all with clutch operation, but with 14,000Ks I reckon its time to think about a freshen up! Should I go OEM or is there a better alternative out there that you guy's would recommend? The clutch is the only part of the motor that has not been re-built, could be the week link that lets me down! Come to think of it, it's the only part of the bike that hasn't been re-built:shocked:
  6. Looking for a complete transmission to fit 03 Wr450! Who's parting out a bike? Would need to be shipped to Australia!!
  7. walshy

    YZ head on WR???

    I am assembling a spare motor for my 03 wr450, just picking up parts where I can! So far I have a new set of crank cases and a new "complete crank" I can get hold of an 04 YZ450 complete head for the right price, and was wondering if there was any reason why I couldn't fit it to the WR!!!
  8. walshy

    Interchangeable suspension ????

    So how many different triple clamp models will fit the 03 headstock? I'm guessing that most model rear shocks would fit as long as they are the right length!
  9. 03 WR450, how many different model rear shocks and front forks can you fit to these bikes? It's hard to tell just by looking at the part nos.,,, anyone here put later model suspension on an early model 450????
  10. walshy

    Front tires????

    OK Trailbashers! Whats a good front tire for really hard packed, rocky off camber cornering? What front tire would you feel confident on in these conditions? Not happy at all with the current front "Mich M12"
  11. walshy

    What Flywheel Glue to use 03 450?

    I've had the rotor off a coupla times to change the timing chain, then a coupla times changing the Starter Clutch and the latest, a re-build! Used the blue 243 same as you dazzabb and no problems! Only ever had problems getting it off the first time! What a drama, had to take it to a mechanic who'd done this before! He took to it with a big impact gun, rattling the rotor from left to right by latching on to the big nut on the rotor... When i think back now, I reckon it was put on with the 648 from the factory!!!! The only reason I used the 648 this time was because of how easy it all came apart when dis-assembling for the rebuild, hardly had to use the flywheel puller, scary....
  12. walshy

    What Flywheel Glue to use 03 450?

    Wish I read this post before I put my rotor back on, (with loctite 648) Any one else had dramas getting there rotor off after using this stuff???
  13. walshy

    Replacing head studs

    Thanks grayracer!!! That all makes perfect sense! I'm thinking of my old ford six cylinder where the manual actually tells you to toss the old studs!!!
  14. walshy

    Replacing head studs

    I can't find any information about the head studs in the Yamaha manual... Doesn't say whether they should be replaced or not! They give the torque to yield "TTY" type specs for the head bolt tensioning, but don't state whether or not to replace the studs>>> But then the manual also states that you should "LAP" the valves, and we all know that to be a NO NO with TI valves...
  15. walshy

    Replacing head studs

    About to put the head back on the old 03 WR450! This is the second time I've had the head off, and have heard that the head studs should be replaced! Not a huge expense, but maybe a bit of a wait for the things to show up! Probably should have ordered them with the other bits but wasn't thinking!!!