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  1. That's cool, makes me wonder how much suspension work they had to do to the L to get it to work like that.
  2. Use the red sparingly, you'll be fine. If it gets stuck use heat, that softens up all Loctite grades and you can easily get it off.
  3. Trailtech Vapor works nicely, revlimiter is at about 7500 or so.
  4. Dude I bought my '06 for about $5400 and it came with a tool kit like they should. I've sold it since but I could flatfoot it without the wife.
  5. It's a pain to fit. You need to shave it down a lot to get it in there.
  6. Nice bike, I'm jealous.
  7. I wrapped the pickup wire around the plug wire 10 times like they show in the directions. Put some black electrical tape on it and was done. If I remember correctly I had to go in and change something in on of the menus because the count was 1/2 of what it should have been.
  8. You cap it, your bike no longer needs that.
  9. stock 33,uncorked 35
  10. What do the bolts get torqued to. The manual says 7 ft-lb for 6mm bolts ? Doesn't seem like much. The thread measures 6mm across the threads. You will have to adjust the chain, it's quite loose after the swap to 14 teeth.
  11. I've done a search and found out the front sprocket always has some play on the shaft. Is it possible for the sprocket to fall off the shaft ? I have installed a new 14 tooth from SprocketSpecialists and it is the first time I have done this to my '06 650L.
  12. I'd love to put one on, a lot of $ though. Did you use the under bar mount, did you need new bars, etc..
  13. mph

    Stock I'm about 90 mph.
  14. Go to Sudco.com and look at the online catalog index, go to Keihin mani jets and pilot jet pages. The ones I ordered work great and seem to be the correct ones. Main- Sudco# 019-201, Keihin # 99101-393-158 (158 main) Pilot- Sudco# 019-548, Keihin # N424-26-055 ( 55 pilot)
  15. It's all about the L