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  1. KawKicker

    Where can I buy rocket exhaust?

    Got Mine From Thumpertalk store $409.00 out the door, looked all over, Best deal goin ask for Rocky to order great pipe, perfect fit
  2. KawKicker

    Frame cleaning...

    Mothers Alum Polish, Better than off the show room floor, Paste or liquid !
  3. KawKicker

    Rocket exhaust fit for the 06

    What I was concerned with was the rocket hittin the suspension spring , the stock pipe is flattened out by the sping and is only 3/4 in. from hittin the pipe!
  4. KawKicker

    Rocket exhaust fit for the 06

    Props Ardfark, just what I was hopin!
  5. KawKicker

    Rocket exhaust fit for the 06

    Will the rocket race, full system fit my 06 without mod. to the pipe our sub frame, anyone install one yet?
  6. KawKicker

    Twinair PowerFlow Kit?

    Save the bucks on the billet, buy the filter, remove the screen, DONE $25 I did it on my new o6, no HP gain but you will feel a snap on exel. a lot better response otta the hole !!!!!!! TRIED & TRUE
  7. KawKicker

    factory 4.1 with mega bomb...or rocket?

    Had the chance to speak with a team Kawi Mechanic in Orlando (SuperCross) All the team racers are runnin PC's, He told me they get free pipes from all the Manufactuers, to test, and that The pro curcuits are heads up the best pipes they have run, I like the Rockets also but can't argue with team tested results!!!
  8. any body have an opinion, got Twin air filter with the backfire layer goin in, a few thumpers noticed a diff . with the restricter screen out. course gotta keep it clean with the screen out........
  9. Correction factor of 0.98 for fla altitude (per owners manual) Main 180 stock x 0.98 =176 seems to run ok with the 180 what do you think? as stated i'm adding on a pc exhaust not sure of jetting when installed
  10. Adding PC t4 full system to my 06 KXF 250,florida low altitude I think the below stock jetting is rich for my area?? STOCK SETTINGS Main stock 180 pilot stock 40 fuel mix stock When adding pipe what settings ? Thanx
  11. At $ 100 bucks a pop is the air flow / performance diff. actually enough to warrant the cost ???
  12. KawKicker


    Runnin ACERBIS Bark Busters on my 06, went to Bonz for mounts, Bonz mounts looks cool, ACERBIS bark busters mount on them easily
  13. KawKicker

    06 TTR 125 LE fuel screw capped off

    anybody know the best way to get this cap off ? thanx in advance
  14. wifes 06 TTR 125 LE has a brass cap over the fuel mix screw doing some mods and need to adjust, what's the best way to get cap off ??? thanx in advance
  15. KawKicker

    2 choices... post your opinion.

    http://www.biketestusa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=2796 If their buyin go with the KXF, best suspension out there.