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  1. I weigh 200 pounds in my gear. In the jumping I've been doing on my '07 525 EXC, on landing my rear tire is rubbing the the fender. I can see the rub marks where it hits. Also, my tire has begun munching my license plate. I think the factory setting is for a 170 lb rider, what do you think would be a good setting for me to start with the compressiom damper screw?
  2. jmarnold89

    Is there a DRZ owners support group?

    ML Harnett - whatever you do, do NOT ride an EXC. That way you'll remain satisfied with the DRZ. After one week with the EXC 525 which replaced my DRZ, it is a whole different experience. What a machine.....nimble, light, agile, awesome suspension, power-power-power..... Sorry to be a pin-head, I should have left this paragraph out... Ride on......
  3. jmarnold89

    Is there a DRZ owners support group?

    It is contagious I think. I have a DRZ in the garage, but bought a new 525 EXC last weekend. Am having some work done on it (adjusting jets, gearing down, etc.) and should pick it up tomorrow for the weekend. Can't wait. One thing I miss already though, there isn't a good dedicated Forum for just EXC dual sport riders. In Thumpertalk and in KTMtalk, the EXC dual sport dudes are thrown in with a bunch of other types of bikes and riders. You have to sort through lots of other bike stuff to get to the EXC info. I wish either Thumpertalk or KTMtalk would breakout a section just for EXC dual sport riders. It sounds like these bikes are going to be pretty darn popular. I'm sure the DRZ guys coming over to the orange pumkin party would like that, they're used to it. KTMtalk hasn't done it, I think it'd be a good move for Thumpertalk to not lose the DRZ guys. That was one of things I liked about the DRZ. It was great to ride, an excellent bike, and there were a great group of specific bike enthusiasts to learn from. The DRZ guys moving to KTM's would like that I think. That's my only personal DRZ regret.
  4. Has anyone installed the UFO taillight/turn signal combo on an '07 525 EXC? If so how'd the install go? I installed the taillight / turn signal combo on my DRZ 400S and loved it. It looks great, low profile, and is really hard to break anything. I'm thinking of installing it on the 525 EXC, but wanted to see if anyone else has tried that yet.
  5. jmarnold89

    '07 New 525 EXC set-up

    What brand of blinkers do you recommend? On my DRZ 400S I had installed the UFO tail light/blinker combo. It's a nice compact and trim unit. Any other suggestions?
  6. I just purchased a new '07 525 EXC, it's still at the dealer for set-up. For jetting am moving needles up 2 positions (am at 500' elevation - does that sound right?) and re-gearing to 14/50 (almost all off-road riding). Keeping stock muffler set-up (for the moment) so don't upset homes near where I ride. Skid plate, hand guards, exhaust guard, and reaer brake guard on order. How does this sound as a start? Any other tips? Can't wait to ge this thing!!
  7. jmarnold89

    DRZ400S vs. KTM 525 EXC

    Yeah.....I never should have sat on the KTM 525 EXC. I had just read about it in Dirt Bike Magazine and the following day I went to pick up my son's Yamaha TTR90 at the shop, they had a spanking new KTM 525 EXC on the floor. I sat on it and could just feel the weight difference and excellent balance without even riding it, the hydraulic clutch was ultra smooth, yadda-yadda-yadda...... Never should have sat on the damn thing. Can't get it out of my mind. My DRZ is blue, I think the wife would notice a new orange pumpkin in its place. It's too bad KTM's aren't blue or I might have one in my garage.
  8. jmarnold89

    DRZ400S vs. KTM 525 EXC

    Ok....ok to start I luv my DRZ400S. I read the most recent issue of Dirt Bike Magazine and the write-up of the KTM 525 EXC. Sounds like a pretty awesome dual sport bike. A street legal, real dirt bike - only 8 lbs. heavier than its true dirt sibling. Out of the box and ready to go, even the tires are real dirt rubber. Not a lot of downsides except the puking of coolant, but proper jetting usually fixes that (cooling fan kit ultimate fall back). Luv the DRZ, but what's the thinking on the KTM 525 EXC?
  9. I just traded my factory tires for Pirelli MT21's - I have seen the light. Wow, what a difference. I knew the factory rubber was lame, man what a difference. Also, installed UFO tail light, took rubber off pegs, installed new mirrors onto handlebars, & stiffened suspension 7 clicks. Damn...I might actually have a dirt bike!
  10. jmarnold89

    Best GPS rig for DRZ400S

    Does anyone have a particular GPS and GPS mount they think works well with a DRZ400S?
  11. jmarnold89

    Where to ride near Harrisburg, PA

    I live in Harrisburg and want to know if anyone knows some good and close fire roads or other riding areas nearby to shoot quickly into after work, etc. I know about: - Rausch Creek - Shade Mountain - Bald Eagle Dual Sport Motorcycle Trail - Tower City Trail Riders However, I was hoping for something closer.
  12. jmarnold89

    Tower City TrailRiders PA.

    I've heard there are a lot of rocks at Tower City, my son is just beginning riding and I don't want to put him in over his head. How is Tower City for the little riders? I believe they have a family area or something don't they?
  13. jmarnold89

    Need mirrors for street?

    Thanks for the feedback, I have a set of ken sean folding mirrors on the way for my new & spotless drz400s - plan to get it muddy tommorrow - can't wait!
  14. jmarnold89

    DOT knobbies

    What DOT knobbies are most liked for the drz400s? I've heard good things about Pirelli's MT-21 DOT Knobbies, are they the best?
  15. jmarnold89

    Need mirrors for street?

    Just bought my new drz400s yesterday and brought it home. The first thing I did was take the mirrors off - will riding around without them on get me in easily in trouble? I'll put'em back on at inspection time. Also cut off the mudflap under the license plate - it looks a lot better (UFO light on order). New tires are next. Great bike.