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  1. thanks eddie, now i didnt see this cupped washer anywhere, will it stay in the carb body? if not will it cause damage if sucked into the cylinder or will it get sucked in and blown out without any harm to the motor?
  2. just installed JD kit on my 05 CRF450x non CA bike. while removing the stock needle and replacing it with the red needle i noticed a mangled spring inside the body while rotating the throttle to make it easier to drop the needle in. referred to the Honda Service Manual and no sign of a spring between the needle and the needle holder so i went ahead and reassembled the carb, rode it up and down the street and seems to be running okay. wondering where the spring might have come from, my CSI curious mind looked up in several microphiches. 1) there's a spring and a washer in between the needle and the needle holder. can someone help me out here for peace of mind !!!
  3. Welcome to Vegas!!! Also transplanted from Ca. Southern Cal Hoping to hook up with some locals, bikes now broken in after several trips to my mini loop at the end of warm springs on the west side. PM me if you're looking for a riding partner this weekend, trying to find an excuse not to drive down to lucerne and enter a ride that i'm not ready for. eddy
  4. tsubasa

    400 s front sprocket

    Thanks BassMan, was kinda worried,now i can go for a ride!
  5. tsubasa

    400 s front sprocket

    Just replaced my stock c.s. with a sidewinder 14 tooth yesterday on my SM. the original had a rubber coating on both sides of the sprocket, can anyone tell me what's with that?
  6. tsubasa

    Sunday Ride

    Are they letting the bikes out at Apex this weekend? Apr 8? Where is Nelson? Would it be within my range? Let me know where alls meeting