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    What pipe for the 450 EXC?

    I've had good results with the FMF Q2 slip-on or full system, a little better performance and no added noise. Also a little less weight.(I had a 05 450 EXC but sold it) _________________________________________________ 03 KTM 250 SX (for sale) 03 KTM 250 EXC w/ 351cc kit (sons) 03 KTM 450SX 04 KTM 525 EXC (Ca. lic. plate) 06 KTM 250 SXF (also sons) 06 KTM 450 SX
  2. I don't know why you can't find parts, as its the same bike as 520 EXC except for the large fuel tank. KTM, Polysport, and Acerbis all sell plastics for this bike. You can swap the 3.7 gal. tank for a SX (2 gal.), or a EXC (2.1 gal.) KTM tank, (03 or newer will be orange). (each are under $ 200), Or if you need more fuel capacity, try either Clark (3.1 gal.) or IMS (around 3 gal.) tanks. (each around $ 200) If you swap to any of these tanks, you will need to also need to get radiator shroud plastics, but you can then up-grade to 03 or 05 style shrouds, both will fit. I use Polysport plastic, (its less expensive than factory KTM plastic), but looks and fits just as good. This bike is a great all around or dual sport machine. Keep it,ride it, and enjoy it. Good luck!, KTM Kid 86 ___________________________________________________ 03 KTM 250 SX (for sale) 03 KTM 250 EXC w/ 450 cyl. (decked top & bottom) & piston. now 351cc (sons) 03 KTM 450 SX (for sale) 04 KTM 525 EXC w/ Baja Designs kit & Ca. Lic. plate 06 KTM 250 SXF (sons) 06 KTM 450 SX
  3. KTM Kid 86

    All 250SX-F Riders---Read

    My son had an 05 250 sxf, which we sold, when we bought an 06 250 sxf. both fuel caps leaked, but I stopped both leaks by putting an o-ring on the cap. I used a 41mm I/D - 3.5mm section, size o-ring, but a 44mm I/D - 3.5mm section will work also. No more leak! The brand of o-ring that I used was "Dorman" o-ring (purshased at Pep-boys Auto Parts) 41mm # R-29, or 44mm I/D # R-30,(I had purshased the large 419 piece metric kit for other uses and happened to find these sizes included.) 03 KTM 450 sx, 03 KTM 250 exc w/351cc Kit (sons), 04 KTM 525 exc w/ Ca. plate, 06 KTM 250 sxf (sons), 06 KTM 450 sx