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  1. I dismantled a friends fork from YZ125 93 (43mm). I realized that adjusting tubes from cartridge are missing. I tried to find in the market but is not possible. Since it is a usual piece of tube I can get one from the market and cut it to length. Does anyone knows what is the length or how much does this adjustment tube should extends out from cartridge?
  2. Does anyone have the stock shock stack for KTM exc 450 08?
  3. I changed front fork oil on my WR450-F 05' and i noticed that the right fork has 30clicks of rebound bubing adjustment instead of 20! Does any one knows what might cause this? Thanks
  4. Does any one knows the recomended SAE size fork oil for the WR 450F 05'?
  5. zar

    AIS removal instructions

    Thanks for your help. Do you know what AIS effects, and whats I realy gain after removing it? Do I need to change anything else?
  6. I own a WR 450 05' and is hard to get this AIS removal kit in Greece. Can anybody tell what this kit cinsist of. What should I do with engine connection tubes after AIS removed ? Should i put plugs to close the holes or connect other tube there? I will appreciate if anybody can post me a picture how it looks like after modification. Kostas